Gia Paloma Trains Heather Presley in the Art of Lesbianism

Gia Paloma Lesbian Trainer

Since I had fucked Gia Paloma on camera for my pal, why not hire her for my brand new client — Lesbian

I really haven’t talked about this much, so I guess this time’s as good as any. I was recently hired to start shooting content for Lesbian Training, and, to be totally honest with you, I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong — I’m totally happy shooting all the other sites, from Blacks On Blondes and Gloryhole to Spunkmouth and Manojob. But the reason I’m so psyched to shoot girl – girl luvin’ is primarily because I don’t have to wait on wood or a pop shot.

It can be a real pain in the ass when you’re shooting male talent and they’re having a problem performing. It happens quite a bit, too…more than you’d imagine. I can’t blame the dudes, either, although there’s times I lose my patience with them…especially the newbies who think they can walk on set and just fuck a porn whore silly without any problems.

When there’s only girls on set, there’s no wood…and no pops. And no waiting around.

Which isn’t to say shooting lesbians is easy; in fact, I really think if you’re not into watching whatever porn it is you’re shooting, well…you can easily fuck shit up.

And the last thing I want to do with a new client is fuck shit up.

That’s the real reason I called Gia first. Really — it had nothing to do with our on-screen fucking. It had everything to do with her being a master of the craft…and I say that with all sincerity.

Once I got Gia, I had to find a bottom. A trainee. A girl who had no idea — at least from looking at her — about the ways of Sapphic love.

Enter Heather Presley.

When I saw Heather’s pic, she just looked like the type who likes girls, but had never had a lezbo encounter. Which is to say she’s a tomboy. I imagined Heather being the type that hung out with someone like her older brother, and got into dirt clod fights with her guy pals, and let them feel her up afterward, but always really wanted to hook up with the cute cheerleader who lived in the cul-de-sac and dated the quarterback of the football team.

I think have a good eye. Cause that was just about the case. And Gia ate her up alive. It also didn’t hurt that Heather was totally into Gia and was excited to have Gia fuck her on camera. Really excited. Heather showed up at my studio totally excited, to the point that her pussy was wet. Off-screen attractions like that only add the scene.

I won’t get into specifics here, but if you’re into girl-girl shit you really need to check the scene out. I will say this: Gia pulled out a Hitachi vibrator, and that toy sent Heather into multiple orgasms. If you don’t have one of these at your house, I’d seriously go buy one.

In fact, I did — for real. They’re $54 bucks and I guarantee you it’s the best 54 smacks you’ll spend on a girl. With the Hitachi in my pad, I no loner have to worry about my totally average wiener not being able to satisfy whoever it is I’m lucky enough to actually get into my bedroom…which, if things continue as they have in the past, it’ll be 2011 before I get to use it.

Gia Paloma Lesbian Trainer

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