5 thoughts on “Open Up a Can of Wilco.”

  1. I was wondering what your “album review” thoughts on The Whole Love were? Personally, I’ve got it ranked up with Being There, AGIB, and YHF in terms of melodies and consistent songwriting. I have a really hard time discriminating between those as my “favorite” since they’ve all had such a profound effect on me. Of course, I’ve found things to love in everything they’ve ever put out. Like, I as checking out Sky Blue Sky the other day for the first time in a really long time, and I was like, “damn, this is good.” On another musical note, I came across the “We Jam Econo” doc about the Minutemen on Netflix and had my mind blown. Fun to see Flea, Nels Cline, and a ton of other people from such different walks of life wax poetic about D Boon and company. I occasionally came across Mike Watt’s name when reading about people that influenced my musical heroes, but I seriously had no idea what they were about… definitely abrasive on the surface, but there was a lot of warmth and soulfulness to them.

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