4 thoughts on “Betty Page & The Second Initiation of the Sorority Girl (soundtrack by Charlie Feathers).”

  1. I’ve been watching this for a while, Good Sam. They only way they can really enforce it is through pulling permits to shoot. But yea, if this gets enforced, I suppose I’m off to Vegas.

  2. that fucking rocked. so interesting the take on s&m feels tame and yet the underlying “message” remains the same and as enticiing. Srlsly, you are doing good work here. D o n o t s t o p

  3. Hey Billy, it’s actually Bettie not Betty. By the way, your site focuses almost entirely on the female talent of your videos. Sometimes I’m curious about the male talent – why not have an interview with one of the guys for a change? I’d like to know, for example, what these guys do for work when they aren’t getting paid for a scene. Guys only get about $200 a scene right? Unless you’re a big name male talent, that isn’t going to be enough to live on.

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