10 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why Pornographers Feel the Need to Behave Like Film Makers?”

  1. Well if anyone needed a reason to put a gun in their mouth today that was it. Too fucking ghayyyy…. gay! I’m actually happy Madison Ivy couldn’t name Stanley Kubrick because then I know it’s just a paycheck and sex to her… she cares more about getting laid than the film-snob bullshit.

    Just make porn guys. Shoot some hot tits and then go eat some chinese. Get a drink, stay out too late, knock over a liquor store and then do it again the next day. That’s porn life, not this “oh let’s let’s make Magnolia parody, let’s make Blade Runner or Scarface parody.” Ashli Orion better be havin’ sex scene later with Dr. Strangelove in his wheelchair or Tommy Pistol wearing a beard as Kurbrick himself.

    Hey, did you see the McRib is back? Pork Patties composed of unmarketable parts of the animal and shaped into any form you like. Just like Parody Porn.

    If you want to make something then really go for it Brazzers. It’s marketing? Trying to make something that will stand out on the DVD shelf? Well do me a favor and stop because your design is Shit dot com.

    No really, is Madison Ivy tied down with her eyes held open while she takes nut-after-nut in the eye? …didn’t think so Pussies.

  2. Eh, if there is a market for it more power to them. Porn is like any other “art”. Snooty people are snooty people. Like what you like and don’t worry about others liking it or you liking what they like.

  3. Pretty artsy fartsy with a green screen and everything. I guess it doesn’t really bother me, though. It’s just an extension of the crappy acting these “princesses” carry out in far less creative settings.

    I mean, do these bitches really wanna wank off in a glory hole to porn they buy at the front of the “store”? LOL!! Does some random dude stick his erect cock through a hole in the wall without fear of getting arrested? LOL.

    Do these chicks even enjoy getting dicked down (especially the ones that admit this is only for money)? It’s all acting, I guess some just prefer incredibly bad acting.

  4. My Dear!
    I’m a fan and member of dogfart since 2003 …
    Please do more scenes with girls cheating their boyfriends on the phone!
    Examples: Carina Roman, Dallas .. and best of all time Cadence Calliber
    The white girls fucking blacks
    On the phone boyfriend cuckold ask:
    “Baby What’s that noise?”
    white girl’s response:
    “is the television, Honey!”
    as she talks I love her boyfriend, the BBC cum on the face of a white bitch!
    Please … Do this for a very faithful member!
    You said about the big plans for 2012 …
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  5. Dude that is a lot of set production. This scene must have cost a ton of money. Wardrobe, set, lights damn. If you can’t appreciate the hard work it took to make this then fuck you. Also, I would totally do this if I had tons of money. I would make actual movies but with hardcore fucking in it. So the movie/tv series would be longer than the Lord of the Rings. Kind of like the 1970’s porn films but better. It’s kinda like how girls dress up like whorey versions of whatever on Halloween. Dude I’m moving to West Hollywood this summer and I want to work with production for porn and big studio films. I’m looking for experience, I not interest in being male talent. I just want experience in media production. However I don’t understand why people care about porn “stars” don’t most people just jerk off to this for like 15-30 minutes and then leave it alone until they need to jerk off again? But seriously how do you not know Stanley Kubrick?

  6. People like the parodies because they’d rather see a Sanley Kubrick porno for humor more than anything…and I noticed the BOB tryout box ( you can have 12+ inches and strangely be any race…now everyone’s gonna lie!

  7. And people like to see guys nuttin in the girl’s eyes?! I wonder if they were like thast before they watched so much porn….just a thought.

  8. ‘Cause even if it’s pretty expensive … it’s very funny!!! I mean also for those involved in the project.

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