10 thoughts on “Catching up with Alexis Texas”

  1. Yup, that was my take too. Now more people know her name, and outraged parents will look her up when they get home and fap to her.

  2. Wonder how Sasha Grey’s manager, or publicist, or whatever the fuck, managed to set that little stunt up? You know an ice queen like that isn’t reading stories to little kids out of the kindness of her heart…..Have you ever shot her, Billy? You seem to have a special kind of contempt reserved for her……

  3. Maybe this has been discussed Ad nauseam but whats the real reason she wont do IR.BF dissaprove,Lower money for escorting???spill it billy.You dont have to talk abt alexis, just starlets in general

  4. Billy why interrogate the girls over interracial all the time? How about let’s do the same to you – how many black women have you dated?

  5. Sorry Billy, not picking on you specifically, but rather people who seem to put down women who won’t do interracial porn. I’m guessing that, like you, most of these white men have not dated a black woman either, which makes them hypocrites, pure and simple.

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