7 thoughts on “Julia Bond Talks Music.”

  1. She’s not too shabby . Reminds me of kreayshawn but she needs better beats. They don’t do her justice.

  2. Billy, this is my favorite porn actress, I loved her. I don’t really dig how she went overbaord on the tats. when she had the “daddy’s little girl” and the pawprints, man oh man. she always seemed funny and self aware of the ridiculous industry she was in.

    completely without talent as a singer though.

    but my god, i would love to fuck her till my balls fell off, and worship her pussy and ass. I’d fuck her even knowing she was tagged by shorty mac, shane diesel, and mandingo. thats how much i want her!

  3. Man that was awful. But of course, I’d bang her. Just hope that her music wasn’t playing in the background.

  4. I wish her all the luck in the world, and she’ll need it because the music wasn’t standout..

    And now that she has the fake boobs, her place in my fantasy life is history. Sunrise – sunset .. sigh.

    She was shouting though the whole thing to overcome the background noise – too bad.

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