13 thoughts on “The Transformation of Maryjane Johnson”

  1. Does she know that doing interracial doesn’t hurt her career. Sahsa Grey, Sophie Dee, Kelly Wells, Jenna Haze and many other popular white females have done well in their adult film career.

    I’m surprise Billy Watson didn’t tell her that!

  2. I also forgot to mention one big one who also done interracial, Bree Olson. Some not all white females need to stop making exuses to say it might hurt my career if I do interracial. It won’t hurt your career it will only improve it better.

  3. @dabear — I tell that to each and every girl who gives that as a reason not to do IR, including Maryjane, who I told that to off camera before we did her transformation.

  4. That’s a good thing, you did told her that, Billy Watson. She’s only 18 and she hasn’t done her research, maybe her agent told her wrong that doing interracial will hurt her career. Now she knows it doesn’t hurt a bit to do so.

  5. She’s a recovering addict and she names herself after a drug? Makes sense, she must be working a very strong program. *sarcasm* Then she turns around and says if you see these hives on my arms it’s because I just smoked some heroin, hehe. Nah, her pupils don’t look pinned in the video so maybe it is from stress, who knows. It’s probably pretty dangerous for any addict fresh out of rehab to have access to large sums of money, especially a young girl like her. You know Josh Hamilton, the center fielder for the Texas Rangers doesn’t carry more than five dollars on him at any given time so he’s not tempted to go on a week long coke binge. Do you also know that heroin is probably one of the least harmful drugs you can do as far as long term effects it has on your body? Safer than Tylenol, alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, etc. It’s really only in the nature that it’s consumed that makes it dangerous e.g. sharing needles, getting unmeasured street doses

    Why are some porn fans so obsessed with having the girls fuck black guys, like it’s something they’re obligated to do once they get into porn? I swear, i’ll bet you some of these dudes have called the NAACP about the porn industry.

  6. She’s awfully hesitant for a girl who is supposedly comfortable doing porn.

    And the IR thing isn’t bad — on net. Watch the haters talk shit at first, leave when the girl starts doing IR, then come back to beat off to her IR scenes the instant they’re in the can. I suspect most girls get more than they lose when starting IR.

  7. Did she say why she was considering quitting porn? Just curious — she says she loves it, but then slips in a “to be honest, I almost quit recently”, or something to that effect. Did you get that off-camera?


  8. So the girl has a preference, get over it.. Its amazing how many people want to scream racism because a girl wont do a black guy.. You ever thought they may not be interested? Would you scream racism if the girl was black and didnt want to do a white guy? not likely.. Just because you dont want too doesnt make it racist. Its her choice, not yours.. If you dont like it, then get over it. Blacks are not entitled to every white girl just because your black.. You all seriously want to use the race card for everything. If they dont want it.. then shut up and move on.

  9. LOL @ all you saying she doesnt do IR when one of her first scenes was with an Asian guy – Keni Styles – and she does japanese flicks.
    Just say you want her to do black guys and skip saying “IR’.

  10. Here’s the point. When a starlet says “I don’t do black guys because….” then you know you’re about to hear something crazy. Blacks aren’t entitled to every white girl. I’m black and I know that. But the reasons why they don’t ‘do blacks’ is what makes it silly. From my experience, alot of girls jump on alot of black johnsons (no pun intended) if the black guy is an athlete or famous. I never hear about the dick being too big or my grandma would disown me. I’m just saying that alot of anti-black girls have stupid reasons to avoid them. But know this, as Maryjane’s career slides and she starts solely escorting, she’ll bend over for any dude that is willing to pay her price. She won’t care how big, small, thick, or skinny it is.

  11. There are enough pornstars that DO interracial. Just b/c one little white girl doesn’t want to do it, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

    My BROTHAS, don’t make such a big deal out of something so insignificant. There are PLENTY of white women who do IR, and if Ms. Jane wants to miss out, that’s HER LOSS.

    Peace out.

  12. Some of you guys watch too much porn! Holy crap you keep lists of the sexual preferences of these pornstars! I’m black and I watch porn, but this seems to be a little obsessive. Go out and get yourself a girlfriend!

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