4 thoughts on “The Transformation of Izzi Ryder”

  1. Great interview.
    The end of your conversation where you were seeing what Izzi was prepared to do for an ‘acceptable’ price reminded me of Dan Ariely of MIT who does research in behavioral economics (this is what you get when you take economics and combine it with psychology). He is one of those awesome nerds that has come up with and then figured out how to test all sorts of crazy ideas. Check out this great podcast that covers some of his research on pain, expectation, value, placebo and how sexual arousal clouds our better judgment.

    In a nutshell he shows we are fundamentally and predictably irrational when it comes to making decisions, be they big or small.


    Keep up the great blog which to be honest deserves allot more comments.

  2. Thanks for that ref. Radiolab is also awesome–though more pop science. There are also a slew of primatologists who write books that touch upon the intricacies of primate behavior. Humans being primates too of course.

  3. Ha, ain’t no way in hell her family is “old fashioned Italian” yet they’re cool with her doing porn. If they were they would have beat her ass for even thinking about it, and then told her to go to church, light a candle, and say a novena. Either that or they would have disowned her. No, no way any Italian mother would be cool with her daughter doing porn, and an Italian father REALLY wouldn’t be cool with it. There’s a reason that out of all the pornstars to come out of Europe you see very,very few that come from Italy. I think a couple posts back you were wondering why so many Eastern European girls do porn, here’s my theory: During communism religion was outlawed, yet every other aspect of life was restricted. So I think the one outlet they had was sex. It became very routine for them, that’s probably why alot of them come off so cold also.

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