7 thoughts on “Helly Mae Hellfire and I Talk Music. And other stuff.”

  1. I love these interviews but, jesus, she does not challenge the image of the vapid blonde/pornstar. Just my take, but keep up the good work!

  2. $100 bucks says she’s never heard a Melvins record or even Stooges’ Fun House.

  3. Is that contempt I hear in your voice when you mention the word “spun”? A self-confessed music snob like yourself really shouldn’t be knocking different genres of music, shame on you. I had you pegged as the type of dude that would run out and get an album if pitchfork gave them higher than a 5.2 or some shit. Some of the best albums in my collection are by “djs” I put that term in quotes because most of them produce their own music, they don’t just mix other people’s.

    Now if you don’t have it I suggest you go cop dj Shadow’s first album, entroducing. That album is a masterpiece, you won’t regret it. There’s also a ton of other artists out there similar you should check out inclucing RJD2, UNKLE, RATATAT, EL-P, J Dilla’s-donuts album, and plenty more. Don’t limit yourself, Billy, expand your horizons. I’ll even provide you with a few links, since i’m such a nice guy.

    Dj Shadow


    J Dilla

    that song is a collabo with Thom Yorke from Radiohead


    This one is an El-P track over a “street artist” in LA doing his thing. Who knows, you might have seen this wall, it might be right around the corner from you. Now watch that and tell me you think Warhol’s shit can hold a candle to it.

    I notice you don’t respond much in the comment section. What’s up with that, cuz? We don’t write these long, drawn out comments for the hell of it.

  4. @Broadstreetbully: You’re right, I don’t comment much. I kinda feel the blog is my say-so, and this part is where readers can speak their peace / piece. I’m a Mark Farina fan, and one of J. Dilla’s (RIP) best friends dates a porno princess. I’ve got his CD, too; however, that genre of music doesn’t really speak to me.

    @Anonymous: Cormac McCarthy is one of our finest living novelists, and “Blood Meridian” is his masterpiece (and a terrifying read). I have yet to make it through Suttree, and he kinda lost me one the Border Trilogy after Book 1 — which is the one everyone read. Until The Road and No Coutry…

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