Super Fun Facebook Chats: The Americans vs. The Europeans.

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So I’m like you — over mySpace and on to Facebook and Twitter, and I kinda like chatting up new friends. I’m not into the Haters, though, and I’ve got some, and they never cease to amaze me. The obvious ones are racists, and they either wanna beat me up, or slit my throat, or worse. They’ve even gone as far as to say I “trick” the models into shooting IR porn — which has to be the craziest claim of all time.

I trick them into shooting IR? Come on bro, are you kidding me? No one gets tricked into doing anything in Porn Valley, no matter what you hear. Porno girls, as a collective whole, might not be the sharpest crayons in the box; however, when it comes to street smarts, almost all of them are Einsteins, and no one is tricking them into doing shit. (Ex-Porno Princesses love to make claims of deception and doing things against their will…which is another blog).

I’m happy to chat with people who hit me up, if I have time, and especially if they don’t want to maim me. I like to hear what’s on their mind. And since I’ve been in this biz almost 9 years, I’ve totally lost touch with reality, which is another way of saying I haven’t been a porno fan since I started making dirty movies, so I forget about almost everything porno fans wonder about.

So MG from Albuquerque NM, via Scranton PA, and soon-to-be in NOLA, asks can you talk about “expectation of performers based on where they are from”, as in what’s the truth in the biz…if you were thinking of that old beach boys tune “I wish they all could be California girls”. A good chunk of these girls must be kinda new to the valley. Have you learned how you have to treat them to make them comfortable? are there some girls that are just great to work with from a specific location?

Which I can.

The only geographic differences I’ve ever really noticed when it comes to talent exist between the American girls and the Europeans; and, in a nutshell, the Euro girls are way better, way dirtier, and can take way more than their American counterparts. I’d also say the same for the dudes in this biz; Euro dudes walk all over Americans. I’d say it has to do with the way European society handles sex in general. It’s not as big of a deal over there…but everyone knows that.

For example, Liza del Sierra was in my studio Saturday for Cuckold Sessions. Her male talent is none other than Mandingo. If you know who I’m talking about, ’nuff said; if you don’t, Dingo is seriously packin’ heat.

13 inches — give or take.

And Liza, in her broken English, says, “the man today is big, yes?”

I looked at her and waited for the worst…which, for an American girl, would be something like, “he’s not going to go hard on me, is he?” And I’d add for an American girl who would take the job, cause a lot wouldn’t even say yes to working with Mandingo.

Then Liza says, “can we do it mostly in my butt? I like the size more in my ass.”

There ya have it. The difference between a Euro and an American. Which is not to say all American girls wouldn’t take Mandingo in the butt. (That’s a double negative, I know).

I don’t think you’d get many Smut Peddlers disagreeing with me on this point.

As far as the girls from the US, I kinda like the Midwestern girls. (Erin Stone, the girl pictured in this blog entry, is from the Midwest, and my members loved her). But, on the whole, there’s really no difference between a California girl and a Kansas girl and a Florida girl and a Texas girl.

I treat all the girls who walk into my studio the same — with respect. And that we’re on a job, together. In the short run, I get good content shot that way, and in the long run, they’re happy to come back and work with me…and sometimes they’ll only do things with in my studio.

Like IR, for instance.

Even though I didn’t trick ’em into it.

Or maybe that is my trick: respect.

Treat them with respect and they’ll smile all the time — even when my male talent just turned a face into a jizz target.

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7 thoughts on “Super Fun Facebook Chats: The Americans vs. The Europeans.”

  1. Great post, Billy. You know that the euro girls typically don’t have issues doing scenes with black men. They don’t know what IR means. It doesn’t matter if the dick is black,white, red or yellow. The only color the euro babes care about is green. Now some of the U.S. girls…that’s another story for another time.

  2. The girl in your picture doesn’t do IR and she said she is from Iowa. Iowa doesn’t strike me as being interracial friendly. In america it does matter where the girl is from on if she would do interracial or not.

    and respect? come on most porn chicks don’t respect themselves,or they wouldn’t be doing porn. so no need for respect. When it comes to IR, its not about respect billy, its about you paying girls more money to do it. Now thats how the real trick done, now u have been exposed.

  3. well, iceman, iowa doesn’t seem IR friendly? glad you appreciate people’s individuality and don’t judge them based on stereotypes.

    and as far as respect goes, i respect porn princesses more than anyone. because i watch porn, and that means i can’t claim any sort of moral superiority whatsoever over anyone who makes porn. because there’s really no difference. and someone who performs in porn has a lot more courage than someone like me who just watches it anonymously.

  4. Very few of the Euro girls i hear about all the time have ever done much for me. Not sure if it’s cause they rarely have the look i’m into or something else.

    Never really pay enough attention to the guys to have an opinion on that, if he can keep wood and spray a decent amount at the end it’s pretty much all the same to me.

  5. It’s like when French girls say goodbye at a totally normal party with a kiss on the lips. Can’t explain it but it’s the hottest thing ever.

    I’d love to know what event in our celebrated American history made us King of Prudes.

  6. Another factor in the Euro vs American thing is being based in California, your never going to see the “one foot in, doing it a few times to see if it’s for me” girl’s from Europe because they will never make the commitment to up and leave everything and end up in Cali. Only the fully committed Euro girls end up in California. I’m sure the cultural thing is a factor as well, but pure geography eliminates you from ever seeing the some weaker European performers.

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