To The Fuck-Fucks Who Ripped Me Off: You Shall Be Caught. (For Lack of a Better Title).

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Every morning I check my e-mails, and it’s pretty much the same old shit. Kinda like your e-mails: I get the SPAM I opt in for, the SPAM I never asked for, e-mails about work, e-mails from my family, e-mails reminding me to pay my bills, and daily e-mails from my bank letting me know how much money I don’t have.

I look at my bank e-mails closely to make sure there’s no funny business going on, and for the last 8 years I’ve committed sex acts to film for the world to enjoy, everything’s always been kosher. This has been a worry of mine, too, cause I’ve heard horror stories from other producers when it comes to check fraud, and I’ve always counted myself as lucky…until just the other day.

Two checks cleared my production account; one was $3675, and the other was $3550…neither of which I wrote. That didn’t stop the bank from making good on them, so all of a sudden I’m down $7225. The production account is nearly zeroed out, and the worst part of it all is this: of the $7225 stolen, almost none of it is really mine. In fact, the day before I just sent out a dozen or so checks in the mail — all to the talent I shot over the last 5 days.

The first thing I did was scream…almost as loud as I did a few months ago when I sharted all over myself.

Then I logged into my bank’s web site, doubled checked to see if what I saw was really true, and when my heart dropped all the way out of my chest like yours does when something really shitty happens, I screamed again.

Then, I looked at the pictures of the fraudulent checks. Both made out to the same person, who, I’m sure, didn’t actually cash them. I Googled her name, and guess what? She’s a model in Los Angeles, and the first link Google lists is her Model Mayhem account.

She’s not even a Porno Princess — not even close: Maxim, reality TV shows…Big Time shit. And her e-mail is listed in the Model Mayhem profile.

So I e-mailed her: My name is Billy Watson. I live in Los Angeles. I am a photographer.

Two days ago someone using your name cashed two checks totaling a little over $7000 from my checking account!

Now, either you’re the dumbest thief in the world (highly unlikely) or someone has either stolen your ID’s and did this, or stolen your whole identity to pull this off, and you may know your identity’s been stolen, or you may not.

Fun, huh?

Imagine my shock. When I saw the two checks were made out to you, the first thing I did was call my banker and let him know what was going on…and then I Googled your name. First link is your Model Mayhem page…with your e-mail address on it.

Just so you know, I’m not accusing you of this at all. I’m just trying to figure out what happened, and to let you know you might have had your ID’s stolen, or perhaps your identity…which we both know is NOT a fun thing to endure. And, like I said, you might not even know yet.

If you wanna get a hold of me, I can be reached at [no, you don’t get to see my phone number]. Or you can just e-mail me back.

Sorry I had to drop this bomb on you…but my feeling is it might end up helping you, especially if you’re unaware of this, which, I believe, is the case.

Less than 120 seconds later my phone rang. It was The Model. She was super friendly, and thankful I e-mailed her, cause — sure enough — she just had her driver’s license and her bank card stolen at a Hollywood Club.

The Model sounded hot as shit, too. Even hotter than the pics in her Model Mayhem profile. After about 10 minutes, she asked me who I shot for, and I straight up told her I’m a pornographer. She laughed about it, and we agreed to keep each others’ phone numbers and e-mails…just in case.

I went to the bank the Thursday to fill out all sorts of papers and have the bank interview me. I still have to go to the police station with copies of the checks, my credit report, and the bank statement showing the checks clearing. Then file a police report.

If I’m lucky, I’ll see the money back in 10 business days, although the lady at the bank said it could take up to 90 days.

I gave her a long stare and asked, “How am I gonna pay out the people I owe money? And make my payroll? So I can make my car payment?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “you could take out a personal loan.”

I didn’t say a word. I wanted to yell a whole bunch, but that’s the Old Billy. The New & Improved Billy Watson doesn’t fly off the handle so quickly.

I’m just hoping I’ll need to call to The Model again…just to make sure everything’s OK with her.

12 thoughts on “To The Fuck-Fucks Who Ripped Me Off: You Shall Be Caught. (For Lack of a Better Title).”

  1. billy u should have been more persistent with the model chick. get her on brobang. she could b making money for you. You should tell her how much money she can make being a porno princess. i wanna see this chick take a cock. and u should just tell the porn princesses that it aint yo fault, shit happens.

    p.s. flash brown sucks!

  2. So the same person who kyped your checks was in that nightclub and swiped the model’s purse? Make a print out of the teaser page with the photos of all the girls you shot in the past few weeks and take it over to the club. Show the pics to a few security guys and bartenders. If one of the girls from your site went in the club, dudes will remember her.

  3. I didn’t make myself clear in the original post: no one stole my checks. Checks were created by the thief with my banking info on them — they did leave off my phone number on the check, though. I guess so no one could call me when they presented the bad checks. I guess.

  4. Dude, Columbo’s suggestion is perfect for re-connecting with the model. Call her and tell her you think the thief might be a girl you worked with. Tell her you want her to look at some head shots and see if she recognizes any of them from when she was out clubbing. Meet her at a coffee shop or a wine bar.

  5. Someone you paid (with a check,) scanned the check, then changed the amount and original name to someone’s stolen id? Wow, there’s definitely more than one person involved in this hustle. Did they change the original check number? Even if they didn’t, there should be records of all the checks that were cashed. Which ever check you wrote that never was cashed so determine who the culprit is. It should at least draw suspicion around those who’ve waited so long to cash their checks.

  6. yeah, sounds like one of the talent you shoot or someone that works for you decided to get themselves a little extra pay this time around….pretty easy to scan your check in, take some Photoshop to it, and voila`, get that model’s ID, and he’s got him/herself a little extra Billy Watson cash in their packet.

    Probably the whores you shoot are too dumb to do that shit, but maybe one of their deadbeat suitcase pimps saw a good opportunity for extra cash and scanned one of your checks in….

    keep us posted as to what happens…..maybe it’s time to pay out cash….

  7. That, sir, is some brutal shit. I had something similar happen to me ten years ago (for a significantly smaller amount). I know your pain and know you will pull through this.

  8. Time to save some cash and hire yourself. Do away with the male talent and treat yourself to a BJ and a handie. =)

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