7 thoughts on “Video of The Year…Hands down.”

  1. Yeah, these guys are pretty talented AND they’re doing something productive with their lives. What does your porn contribute to the world Billy? I mean, besides turning people into self-centered masturbators?

  2. I think my porn keeps a lot of single dudes sexually satisfied. I think my porn keeps a lot of men in sexless marriages sexually satisfied (and monogamous) as well. of course this isn’t always the case, and a lot of people would argue not only that point but the point of what exactly my contributions to our society may be…and I’m sure, either way, my contribution to society is nowhere near yours Mark.

  3. Yeah Billy, just concentrate on the 2 positive things of what you do, and ignore the countless other negatives. What about the lost productivity of those single guys looking at your porn at work? And in the case of non-single guys, what about the relationships you’ve ruined when the partner discovers the huge interracial porn collection on their computer? What about the lives of the girls that have basically been ruined because they can’t get employment due to their porn history? Or ruined their family/relationships? I could go on. Does the good of what you do outweigh the bad? I highly doubt it.

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