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V writes:

Hey Billy, I have a few questions. How many male porn actors also do gay porn? I hear that men working in gay porn get paid more than in straight porn? And I hear that, supposedly, half the guys in gay porn have HIV and if this is true, how are they still able to work? And do porn girls care if the guy they are working with does gay porn in addition to performing with women or is it a non factor?

Heya V!

Let’s see if I can help you out, here. I know that there’s some “straight” male talent out here that have done gay porn, but I can’t be sure on a number. In addition, there’s lots of rumors that seem to circulate, and usually rumors are nothing more than lies, all dressed up with no where to go.

The male talent in gay scenes do get more, in some cases, and in other cases I know for a fact they get the same rate. How do I know this is fact? Well, our sister site, Blacks on Boys …I don’t shoot the scenes for Blacks on Boys, but my good friend (and old studio parter) does, and he tells me how much they get. He also shoots for other gay sites, and the pay’s about the same – maybe a bit more.

Top talent in the gay talent pool do make good money though – more than top talent in the straight talent pool. I watched Jeff Stryker, King of the Gay For Pay dudes (and totally gay if you ask me) claim on an HBO show about porn that he got $50,000 for a single scene. I simply don’t believe that. I’ve also heard of gay for pay rates as high as $3500 for per guy per scene, and, while I believe that way more than Stryker’s claim, I can’t confirm any of this.

I once asked a guy who shoots gay porn about HIV testing, and he laughed at me and said “if they had to pass an HIV test for gay porn there would be no gay porn.” I found this shocking, and I have no idea how accurate his statement is.

Finally, I refuse to hire any talent for straight scenes if I know, for a fact, they’ve done gay porn. And I never, never hire anyone without a current test. The girls are fairly keen on what guys have done gay porn, and they usually won’t take work that involves sex scenes with “gay for pay” talent.

One last thing – and totally unrelated here – how exactly is someone “gay for pay”? Oh sure, I know what it means …but, particularly, gay porn means the same thing straight porn does …specifically both guys getting hard and popping …and sorry, my dick ain’t working around another dude – and for sure it ain’t popping. Unless, of course, we’re both banging a chick.

Which means they’re not really “gay for pay”, but bi-sexual at best. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, or bi.

And did I mention No Way Am I Gay? And if anyone out there would like to stoke it on camera, hit me up! You’re not gay; you’re doing it for the money; and a LOT of straight guys in the porno biz have done solo stroke scenes.

Think of it as a try out…cause if you can stroke it in front of a camera crew without a girl helping you out, you’ll probably do well for straight sex scenes, and hey, no way it’s gay!

Thanks for the e-mails, and keep ’em coming!

Your pal, Billy

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