7 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance.”

  1. Wow!

    Billy: would you favor us with your view on the distinctions and possible intersections between adult film making, building brand communities, and prostitution? To me, this clip suggests that we are headed in a whole new direction. Perhaps it’s been done before, but then again there was a friendster before there was a facebook, and a betamax before there was a vhs, etc.



  2. It’s legal here in Australia (at least in my state), but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It just means the prices are driven down, due to there being so many available girls, and therefore the quality goes down. Because the truly stunning girls can’t compete on price with the girls offering $50 for half an hour, so they don’t bother with it. The women who do it are either old/moms, have criminal records and can’t get other kind of employment, or are into drugs, or all three. In other words, not much different than illegal prostition. But at least it’s safe, and cheap, I suppose. It’s all regulated.

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