Super Fun mySpace messages: Don’t Become a Pornographer!

Gracie Glam POV movies
The Galactic One asks:

1) What camera is best to shoot porn that is affordable ie: 1K or thereabouts. I know you have addressed this topic before on your site but I can’t locate it. Canon GL1? I have heard conflicting answers on this as some poeple say that it’s the lighting that is most important and the camera can be almost any average cam.

2) I am toying with the idea of putting together a website similar to Amatuer Allure. I have personally shot about 2 dozen girls with photos and video. Many of these girls are true first timers as I try to pull models and newbies on “my own” and not to use CL etc as much. I am aware that Amatuer Allure, Back Room Casting and a couple of others are based out of Phx. I am studying and learning as much as I can about how to put together a website for membership. I also know that CCbill for example also works out of Phx. Is there any people or companies that you can recommend to me in AZ that would be helpful in me getting something started?

3) I have calculated the upfront costs to be around 5K give or take for camera (a better second camera), lighting, stands, and for at least another 6 models to shoot in addition to the ones I already have. I do not pay these girls the crazy amounts like Lightspeed, Amateur Allure etc.because I don’t need to. That’s the edge that I have..I can pull girls very easily so that helps profitwise. I am under no illusion that I am going to get rich..just want some extra income, fun and sex. Do you have any clue what kind of profit these Phx based sites are turning (in rough estimate range)?

4) I know there are many webhosting sites that you can use for free but I need professional help. I know about the 2257 model release and have been collecting those from each girl. I really need help in the tech area of creating the website, setting up how to download, edit, set up pay companies. I don’t expect you to waste an hour telling me how to do all of this. But can you recommend anyone in PHX? I am tempted to contact the guys that run Amateur Allure, Lightspeed etc but I feel they would not be totally trustworthy as I would be a direct competitor. There used to be an annual convention here in PHX for adult web business etc..can’t remember the name of the convention, not sure if it is still held here.

In short, I create great content with great girls that I don’t have to pay a ton to. I want to make money of it. Help. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any response will be helpful. Any response besides “fuck off”!

Dear Galactic One:

In the past, a lot of Creepy Porno Dudes like myself would do our best to dissuade anyone asking about jumping in the biz NOT to do so. The reason was simple: there was so much cash in the biz, who needed another dirty creep sticking his filthy hands into the money pile? But that was 2002, my friend. In 2010 I do the best to dissuade anyone who asks about getting into the biz cause that money pile has dried up.

Really, it has.

Ask the owners of the affiliate programs which close daily. Then, ask the dudes like me who shoot for other people cause my own sites don’t pay me enough to support myself. Then, ask the Creepy Porno Agents in Los Angeles, who have either gone out of business (ie Lisa Ann) or are about to…or the ones who used to book 40 to 50 jobs a day and are now booking 10 to 15. After you’re finished with the agent, ask the Porno Princesses themselves. Ask the ones who’ve been in the biz a few years though. Don’t waste your time on the Newbies, who think $5,000 a month is a good wage. Ask the ones who jumped into the biz in, say, 2005, when they made $5000 on a good weekend. The ones who said they’d “never do a private, cause that’s for whores, and I’m a Porn Star!”

They now make the bulk of their money doing privates.

“Private” = “Hooking”.

I just talked to a Porno Princess who only stars in dirty movies (“from time to time”) in order to promote her name so she can charge more for PSE.

“PSE” = “Porn Star Experience”.

Which is far different that GFE.

But after reading your e-mail, I have a feeling you’re pretty dead set on joining the club, so I’ll address your message…only cause I haven’t had any blog fodder in quite sometime. Don’t think — for a second — I’m out to lend you a helping hand.

1) The Canon GL-2 is the greatest Porno Camera ever invented. I don’t give a shit what other Creepy Porno Guys say. It’s light and easy to handle and produces superb content. Far better than comparable Sony mondels. Especially when you know how to light a set. I’m no longer shooting with a GL-2. I got suckered into the HD World, and I now shoot on a Vixia HF S10. (What can I say…I’m a Canon guy). It’s HD, it’s tapeless, it’s tiny and light, it’s $700. But it ain’t no GL-2. I won’t tell you what I did to trick out my Vixia (although it certainly isn’t anything you can’t figure out in about 5 seconds), but I will tell you this: set a GL-2 to 16:9, tweek your post-production, and no one will know you’re shooting SD. You won’t have to deal with the hassles HD offers, too.

2) Nope. Not cause I’m being a dick — just cause there’s nothing more you need to know beyond what you mentioned. And yea, there’s a few Porno Creeps in Phoenix. It’s a good town to launch a Porno Career. There’s a lot of beautiful sluts in Phoenix, too, and some of those sluts are tired of being slutty for free.

3) I dunno what I like better about #3 — the Jedi Mind Tricks you’ve mastered to underpay your models, or the fact you’d think I’d spill the beans on sensitive information to a complete stranger…even if I knew how much cash guys like that made. I’ll assume those guys make a lot of money — certainly more than me. That’s all I know and all I’d tell even if I knew the answer to that question. I’d like to add that every single douche who’s ever bragged to me about ripping off models has never succeeded in this biz — and trust me, there’s been tons. Of course I’m not calling you a douche, Mr. Glactic One.

4) It would take a lot longer than one hour to cover what you asked in #4, and of course I’m not going to do that. In fact, I’ve already spent far too long here, but I will share with you The Phoenix Forum, which is a dandy way to Porno Network, as the Porno Webmasterboard Go Fuck Yourself…but one warning: the dudes who frequent that place will tell you to fuck off, and they’ll do it a lot.

And my final words to you — have a blast working your ass off to create great content for all the file sharing sites! They’re gonna love you!

Oh, and enjoy Mr. POV banging Gracie Glam …he might not be Amateur Allure or Lightspeed, but you gotta hand it to him! He figured it all out.

Now, if he could only make a few bucks.

Your pal — Billy

12 thoughts on “Super Fun mySpace messages: Don’t Become a Pornographer!”

  1. yeah…was gonna say….w/ all the free porn out there, why would anyone pay for YET ANOTHER amatour site…..esp. amatour shit….which you can find anywhere for free…..and even the Allure stuff….as soon as new content hits their members area….it’s on the P2Ps the next day…ready for download…

  2. Billy, you should book me again for sites such as Watching My Daughter Go Black or Interracial Pickups. I am at Metro Talent Management. Check me out on their website.


  3. I do believe a GFE is like an actual date. Go to dinner and a movie and all that shit and then have “intimate” sex that more than likely involves kissing and shit.
    My guess is that a PSE is just that…a Porn Star Experience. Just straight up hardcore sex without all the intimacy.

  4. Cind,y how about brobang? You could do it for free. Announce your love for negro dicks. The white boys would love that.

  5. Cindy, how about brobang? You could do it for free. Announce your love for negro dicks. The white boys would love that.

  6. The peanut gallery has loudly spoken. Bring me back Billy. You know where to find me.

  7. another amatuer pov site without a twist. Should sell well.

    dude if you claim to have 24 scenes done put them on clips4sale or hotmovies to gauge their popularity. You don’t need a site for that just your movies. Also unless you’re a genius your first few scenes are likely writeoffs. I have 3 canon gl1s if you’re interested too 🙂


  8. how much do adult models who only do still shots make average a month do you think?

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