Super Fun e-mails (and more Riley Mason…cause really, who can get enough Riley?)

Mano Job Riley Mason

Dane writes:


So I’m writing you again as a professional porn man for your input. I was watching Voyeur’s “The Gauntlet 2” the other day and in the charming extras section there was an interview with Ms. Riley Mason. She let it slip in there that she did… dun Dun DUN… escorting (AKA prostitution). It came up because Voyeur and Ms. Mason were having a chat about what a whore is and Riley thought it was someone who had sex for money, and she did, and Voyeur thought it was someone who would sleep with anyone anywhere (which Riley seemed to admit to, which was hot, but not the point).

So my question to Mr. Billy Watson is thus… what do YOU think a whore is? Do you see a difference between prostitution and pornograhpy? Is Riley Mason a whore, a whore, or a whore?

Also, totally unrelated: hire Lexi Belle and Gwen Diamond as soon as possible.

Your faithful reader,

Heya Dane!

Take a look at the very first pic I took of the lovely Miss Mason. It was in the make-up chair, maybe just an hour before James Deen pummled her silly for one of her very first scenes ever – a Riley Mason spunkmouth. And after that, it was a Riley Mason Jizz On My Glasses …one of the worst facial obliterations I’ve had the pleasure to partake in.

But you really didn’t ask about that, did you Dane?

Whenever you need to know what a word means, your default place to go is the trusty dictionary…a place, I’m sure, you hated to go while you were in school. Shit, all kids hate to consult the dictionary. Why do that when your teacher – who’s standing right in front of you – can do the same thing, and much more quickly, too?

According to, a whore is “a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money”. Now, I really wanted to see how measures up to the mother-of-all-single-volume dictionaries – Webster’s Second Edition. (Note: I can’t afford the 32 volume “OED” – Oxford English Dictionary).

Webster’s says a whore is “a woman who practices unlawful sexual commerce, esp. one who prostitutes her body for hire; a harlot”.

This, of course, is completely different than how the judge in California v. Freeman decided. See, there was this dude named Freeman, and he did pretty much the same thing I do, and the state nailed him on a pandering charge. This was just another attempt by the Right Wingers to shut down my business. Pandering is, for the most part, finding someone to have sex with someone else, which is how a pimp functions with his whore. In the state where I live, pandering is a class 6 felony. In California pandering is a felony, too…I think. Might be a misdemeanor, but a naughty, naughty one. I’m not sure. I’m not a lawyer.

Are you following me here Dane? Or am I rambling?

Cause here’s one of your answers: Riley Mason is not a whore. She’s an adult motion picture actress, and she’s protected by law to appear in movies in which she’s compensated to engage in non-obscene sexual acts with other people as long as said motion pictures are produced soley in the state of California.


You can always count on me for fancy jargon…just don’t ask me to define obscene.

But I still really haven’t answered you, have I Dane? You asked what I think. And what I think is the Judge in the Freeman ruling was a very, very smart person, and it doesn’t really matter what I think; it matters more how the courts ruled…cause not-too-long ago shooting an adult movie was a very risky thing that could have cost you a lot, and now it doesn’t. As long as you do it in California.

And Riley Mason is one of my very favorite whores ever. Which doesn’t make her a slut, cause a slut just fucks a whole bunch of people for free.

Whores are smart business people.

Sluts are dummies.

And as long as the camera is rolling, we’re all just fine, thank you very much.

Your pal – Billy

PS: I’ve been trying to hire Lexi Belle, but with no luck. I’ll ask around about Gwen Diamond…just for you.

Riley Mason

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  1. How is she doing these days? I heard she got busted for pretty theft and her mugshot looked sad and depressing even for a mugshot.

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