Super Fun e-Mails: The Sweet Treat Found in a Bimbo Princesses’ Treasurebox.

Tommie Ryden interracial cuckold movies
White Stick Dick writes:

Billy: Very attractive whiteboi 35 who makes 80k per yr and has a tiny thin whiteboi clit. Would love to serve as a whiteboi bitch in a cb6000 and eat black MAN’s sweet cum out of a bimbo princesses treasurebox. I think I would be perfect as an attractive whiteboi I am a perfect example of submission to black inches. The whitebois should be slapped and pushed around more by the bulls and barbies so please hire me for cuckold sessions!

What timing! I’m actually looking for new cuckolds! You’re probably not very serious though, as most of the e-mails I receive are pretty much the same: dudes want to get onto the site, and when it’s really offered up — they balk. Or “think about it”…

Not too much of a surprise, though. Same thing happens when dudes wanna get into the porno game. But that’s another blog.

Let’s digress!

The first time I heard the term “cuckold” was years before I started making dirty movies. You’re never gonna believe how I learned about cuckolds, either. I was in an undergrad English Lit class. This would have been the spring of ’87. I was approaching my sixth year as an undergrad. It was a Chaucer class. The Canterbury Tales. The Miller’s Tale.

Here’s a lesson on cuckolds, of which I’ll toss out some stuff I remember from my undergrad days, as well as some paraphrasing from the Wiki article on cuckolds: a cuckold is basically a dude who knows his wife is cheating on him…and he’s A-OK with it.

There ya go.

That’s it.

All this interracial sex stuff and making fun of hubby’s small wee-wee and male chastity belts (the cb6000 — the Cadillac of chastity belts) and eating a creampie after the dude nuts in your wife’s pussy is all made up by fetishists after the fact. Just to make it nastier, I suppose.

As if watching your loved one get banged out isn’t nasty enough.

Anyways, if you wanna be a cuckold, hit me up. I need some. You can’t hide your face or wear a mask. If you’re a knucklehead don’t bug me. If you’re a pervy creep that’s a good thing, but you gotta be on your best behavior before the camera starts rolling and after I turn it off. You will be paid. You gotta get yourself to Los Angeles. You gotta be over 18. You gotta have two forms of ID, one of which must be issued by the government (driver’s license, passport, state or military ID work great).

Um…that is all.

8 thoughts on “Super Fun e-Mails: The Sweet Treat Found in a Bimbo Princesses’ Treasurebox.”

  1. Any asshole who waves around his salary like it’s his dick, especially when it’s sub-six figures, has already come on his own face. Congrats, WSD: you’re a cuckolded bitch.

  2. Amazing how diverse the human sexuality is. Humans are amazing and so are Little Feat’s early albums! And russian vodka!

  3. I didn’t know Tommie was still active. Billy, hire her for more stuff if you can, the girl can ride with the best of them. And she looks like Maria Kennelis (or however you spell it).

  4. Ok, I have to say that any man who volunteers his services to eat cum out of a woman who has been screwed is GAY!

    A question for Billy. Will you start to optimize your sites for the Ipad? I noticed that Reality K—- did this (I censored it out of respect). With apple selling so many units of the device, surely there is a market.

  5. If I were you, I would have stated that one of those ID’s need to be a governmental PICTURE ID. Otherwise someone could steal/fake non-picture IDs (such as a voter registration or other government statement with name/address and no picture and a credit card) and present themselves as a different person with a different age (remember Traci Lords?). Luckily 49 states issue picture driver licenses or state IDs (sorry Tennessee, or did they finally come into the 20th century), so most should have one available. I think newer passports also have a picture.

    On a lighter note, good luck with that cuckold action!

  6. Good Sam – guys who eat creampies are not all gay. A friend of mine does it with his wife. He doesn’t go looking to suck a guy off or to get f*cked in the ass, and he’s not had a boyfriend.

    He and his wife just like to do crazy stuff, so when she plays the slut he plays the cuckold and does his duty. Her fucking other guys gets him off and him cleaning up gets her off.

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