Going Deep with Violet Monroe

I have no idea who Kassem G is, but apparently he enjoys my work.

At about 1.50, they mention Violet’s scene at Blacks on Blondes. Here’s some free Violet Monroe Blacks on Blondes movies and pictures.

At 3.50, he asks anyone in the room to raise their hands if they’ve sucked at anonymous cock through a hole in the wall. Here’s the Violet Monroe gloryhole scene he was referring to.

Here’s Violet Monroe’s Twitter.

Now go enjoy your April…cause, as TS Eliot once said, it’s the cruelest month.

4 thoughts on “Going Deep with Violet Monroe”

  1. this was hillarious…..luv that Kassem guy’s face….esp. the reaction to her reply……the best line was “you’re a model?…..what do you model, dicks in your butt??”…LOL…priceless…. 🙂

    speaking of which…..this whore’s scene on BoB was straight vag….wtf??….was especting some serious ass pounding…..when can we see that?…..this cunt getting ass-banged by two or three negros?

  2. Love Violet but this is just a blatant rip off of Zach Galifianakis’ comedy interviews “between two ferns”. No respect for unoriginality.

  3. No “Six”, it’s a mock of a James Lipton style interview from “Inside the Actor’s Studio”

  4. Something about Violet is really hot…although the she looks bland (from a personality standpoint)

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