4 thoughts on “After shaking the Haitian man’s black hand, Bush uses Clinton as a wipey.”

  1. Billy,feel free to shed that cliched “L.A. film industry liberal” persona any time now.Bush is a lot of things…but racist ‘aint one of ’em.He is however a notorious germophobe
    who has been known to keep hand sanitizer always near.Obama even remarked in one of his books how W offered hand sanitizer upon their first meeting.I might add that his administration signed off on more aid for Africa than any president ever.Oh…and then there’s the fact that your industry seems to have survived just fine while he was in office for eight years.Did I mention he’s NO LONGER PRESIDENT? Hard to stop kicking those dead horses,eh?

  2. something about showing true colors and Bush is and always has been a racist texan good-old-boy.
    dunno. wheres the porn?

  3. I’m sick and tired of the Freebirds. Hayes, you’re runnin’ your mouth like it’s on fire, but that’s the only heat I see coming from you. You know, why don’t you meet up at the Sportatorium and we’ll see who’s got the people’s backin’. See, this is not only between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds, this is a fight between decency and filth and the 50,000 attending wanna see the Freebirds get a real beating. I hope you’ve been drinkin’ that whisky you keep talkin about cuz you’ll be needin’ some sedatives when we’re through with you.

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