Some of my Very Favorite Scenes, Lately.

Tweety Valentine interracial cream pies
It’s a classic interracial match-up: Tweety Valentine v. Flash Brown.

Tweety is 4’11” and tips the scale right around 95 pounds.

Flash is 6’6″, 230.

Tweety could be the cheerleader to Flash’s power forward. As a matter of fact, I’m an idiot. That shoulda been the pick-up! UGH. For this scene, I had Tweedy’s motorcycle broken down (she really rides around in one) and Flash rescues her from The Hood. Shit! What was I thinking of?? Putting Tweety into a cheerleader outfit and handing Flash a basketball and shooting the pick-up over at a public court somewhere woulda made me the Steven Spielberg of interracial porn. Oh well.

Tweety did a great job taking all that size, and in the end she takes a rather large cream pie. “But I’m not on birth control!” is her last line for this scene…which might launch more loads than looking at the actual cream pie as it’s going down.

You sick fuckin’ pervs.

Speaking of sick fuckin’ pervs, Mr POV’s been on a roll lately: Katie St. Ives just showed up over at Mr. POV’s. He’s the biggest fuckin’ pervert I know on any sort of personal basis, and she’s the cutest thing in Porno Land.

She ends up swallowing.

I want her to be my girlfriend.

Right before Katie St. Ives showed up, Tessa Taylor spent the afternoon over at his place. Mr. POV doesn’t bogart all the pussy, either. I told that pervy motherfucker if I was gonna build a site around him, he’d have to share the pussy with some of his buddies. The way I see it, the biggest problem with POV sites is The Stunt Cock, and it’s always the same dude — over and over — and after a while that gets boring. (No Way Am I Gay.)

Tessa gets her face splattered in goo.

And the week before Tessa Taylor visited, Stephanie Cane swung by his pad.

Steph gets The Hot Combo: it’s a facial…and anything that winds up in her mouth goes right down her pie-hole.

Katie St. Ives and Tessa Taylor and Stephanie Cane! It’s been a Who’s-Who Of Hotties over there lately.

Jessie Jordan has made her way back into the porno game. Sometimes your favorite Porno Princess finds a man and quits The Game, which is exactly what happened with Jessie. She spent about a year with him, and I think the only good that came of it was Jessie didn’t support him that whole time. In this scene, she coaxes a double facial from our Stunt Cock.

Gracie Glam might be the hottest piece of ass in Porn Valley. If you ask me. Which you weren’t. But I thought I’d just toss that out there.

If you like your Amateurs super-amateur, then you’ll love Cindee. True story: I can’t even remember how she got my number, but she’s a one-timer in need of some fast cash (really) and with her boyfriend’s permission (I know…I know — it would be hotter if she didn’t tell him…right?) she spent a few days over at my studio and got Bro-Banged, got tagged up, took a trip to the gloryhole, and had a fine time in an interracial gang bang. By the end of our time together, she was caught up on all her bills, and Cindee’s love for her man is now stronger than ever.

I guess that’s the power of black cock.

No Way Am I Gay.

Tweety Valentine interracial cream pies

12 thoughts on “Some of my Very Favorite Scenes, Lately.”

  1. Billy

    Great scene !!!!!

    Tweety Valentine and this new sensation Flash Brown a true black stallion!

    Great scene, very good!

    The best update of the last 12 months along with Jessi Stone
    Jessi was prettier, but the contrast the small Tweety with Huge Flash Brown was really good!

    The Moment Video of 08:20 until 08:40 in the full version is sensational! In the distance we see the small Tweety and giant Flash is very very Good
    Grande Billy in the three great scenes with Misti Love and Flash! Setephanie Sage and Flash and Alexia Skye and Flash!

    When will the next update cuckoldsessions??

    And there is some possibility of Misti Love – Blonde to dogfart??

    Answer Billy, Please!!

    The amazing Billy!

  2. her size makes his cock look bigger…hopefully she gets enough money and visits a dentist.

    i see u finally got proxy page up at pretty sure that means she gonna run though the sites like u do with most whores

    who will she be paired with on blackson blondes…i wish u stick her with pipes…or another true thug..none of this 6 foot 6 pretty boy shit.

  3. Hey Billy,

    Great site you got here. Just wanted to say Tweetie looks great. Love seeing her with BBC. Keep up the good work man!

  4. Hey Billy, How`s it going man? Nice to see a fan of interracial sex much like myself. Loved the Tweetie Valentine creampie scene from Blacks On Blondes. Very hot when Tweetie mentioned not being on birth control I also agree. Anyway it made me think I know how Barbie Cummings and Ruth Blackwell have black breeding sites but I was thinking what about a brand new site about black breeding where white women just get creampied and talk about wanting a black baby (even in front of their bf`s or hubbys)? After the scene, sometimes the girls could do a pregnancy test and maybe before/during some of the scenes they could hold a “toy black baby” in their arms. Kinda kinky huh? What do you think about it Billy? I`m sure there could be enough fantasy scenarios. You can take the credit of course. Maybe call the site “My Black Baby`s Daddy” or “Black Bros Knocking Up White Hoes” or maybe “I Want A Black Baby”. Thanks, Chris P.S. A 3 way scene once in awhile would be cool too… where before the black guy cums he could shove his cock into both pussies, creamping both girls. And maybe once in awhile some black breeding parties/orgies?

  5. Billy!!

    Tweety Valentine in cuckoldsessions, very very good.

    Greetings great Billy!

    Updates this week were great!

    But please cuckoldsessons is not for bi or gay …

    The cuckold in this scene is very close to a gay scene …

    This is not Billy, create another site for cuckolds gay

    The cuckoldsessions is straight!!

  6. “Tweety could be the cheerleader to Flash’s power forward. As a matter of fact, I’m an idiot.” unoriginal yes, but it would have worked to much better :(…

    Tweety is also up on cuckold sessions.. unfortunately it’s with the conehead shane diesel…

  7. I have been trying to get an answer to this question and
    I haven’t been succesful. I persist. You shot Tweety Valentine and Sean Michaels on October 5, 2011 and I would love to see the clip wherever it is. Thank you.

  8. Billy, thank you for answering my question on Tweety and the shoot she did October 6, 2010 with Sean M. I checked out CuckoldSessions and all the other sites at BoB and it is not a new scene. The scene with SM is IR pickups. Maybe they haven’t put it up yet. Could that be?

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