Spring Thomas and Avril Lavigne

Spring and Avril
When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records on one of those small turntables you’d get from the A/V department at the school’s library, while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

I don’t talk to Spring too much these days; in fact, I don’t talk to her at all. Here’s my advice to everyone, even though you already know it: don’t lend your pals money…unless you don’t want them to be pals anymore.

If you’ve ever written anything, you know a lot of times reading old writing is a lot like looking at old pictures of yourself. The difference is, you can’t change the way you look in those pics; however, you can edit your old writing. This time I’m choosing not to.

Which is to say I’ll stand by this.

This blog’s original air date: October 18, 2005

What in the heck is punk princess Avril Lavigne doing with the one and only porn star Spring Thomas? Is Avril going black?

Of course not. Well, come to think of it, I wouldn’t know. How would I? I have no idea, cause like almost everybody else, I know nothing about her. Oh sure, I know she’s a singer, and she’s on MTV a whole lot, but that doesn’t mean I know shit about her.

When we were staying on the Sunset Strip at a pretty average hotel, oh…a while ago…we found out Avril was there, too. Spring got excited. I really didn’t care too much. There were some other celebs there, too, which kinda surprised me…cause like I said, this wasn’t the Taj Mahal – just one of your average corporate inns. And plus, just cause someone famous is staying there doesn’t mean you’re going to run into them.

But let me back track.

I’m in LA with Spring Thomas to make some dirty movies for her website. As I’m checking in to our hotel, I asked the clerk at the desk if there’s anyone famous already checked in. This is the Sunset Strip, after all. The Viper Room, The Whiskey, The Standard…all within walking distance.

“Yes sir,” he said.

I have to admit, like most of us, I’m a sucker when it comes to celebrities. What’s up with that? Cause it’s really not my nature. And I don’t like just ANY celeb. Only the ones I admire, and those probably aren’t your favorites, either. Like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. (I’d go nuts if he was hanging around). Or Scarlett Johansson. (I don’t admire Scarlett, I just wanna bang her). The dude who played “Ajax” in The Warriors and “Gentry” in Drugstore Cowboy. (I bet he’s cool).

But Avril Lavinge? I gotta tell ya, Avril doesn’t do it for me.

Anyway, I kept bugging the clerk at the desk if there were any famous folks at the hotel that weekend. He wouldn’t tell me…he only gave hints. And his hints led me to Avril Lavgine. Why? Like I said, I’m not an Avril fan so I don’t know her songs. I just know what she looks like…and in the middle of my interrogation with Mr. Hotel Clerk, who walks by?

Avril Lavigne. I recognized her almost immediately.

Spring Thomas went nuts. She begged me to grab my camera so I could snap a quick pic.

“She won’t go for that Spring, trust me,” I said.


So we walked over to the front of the joint. Avril was waiting for her car. And as I’m waiting for Avril to get really pissed about “invading her privacy” or something like that, I become pleasantly surprised. Cause not only was she willing to pose with Spring, she was nice about it. Really nice. Like “Hi-you’re-a-fan? That’s-cool-cause-I-really-appreciate-my-fans” kind of nice.

And isn’t that nice?

Now I wonder if Avril will ever find out exactly who it is she posed in this picture with…

10 thoughts on “Spring Thomas and Avril Lavigne”

  1. What’s the status with Spring now? Why isn’t she rich? What is she like in the real world?

  2. What’s most funny about this is that, if you were going to guess who the gnarly porn actress was … well, you’d soon be out 20 bucks.

  3. Dude, the guy from The Warriors and Drug Store Cowboy is James Remar…one of the best. He was also Ganz in 48 Hours. Fantastic movie…

    Yeah what is up with Spring? Is she out of the biz?

  4. not only does this post demonstrate your racism Billy but your lack of intergrity as well. Give Spring the money you owe her.

  5. I rarely comment, Joe, but in this case I want to. I was the lender, Joe. I don’t borrow money (from friends). And please enlighten me to my racist ways. I’m dying to know.

  6. Funny story, and it brings a question to my mind. How often do mainstream “celebrities” have fantasies with porn stars and eventually make them happen? Given their celebrity status it probably would be really easy for them to arrange something, but for that same reason they probably would have to be really careful or it would end up on every gossip mag, etc.

  7. Hey Billy Watson. Leave Spring the fuck alone in your stupid posts. You’re a fucking moron.

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