Super Fun E-mails: Blacks on Blondes Fan Mail.

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Almost every day the fine folks who actually run (and own) Blacks on Blondes get all sorts of e-mails hating and / or praising their fine work (as well as mine). Every single e-mail you’re about to read originated from the Members’ Area of the site.

I use the phrase “actually run (and own)” cause, no matter how many times I seem to tell people, they just don’t believe me: I do not own, operate, or make any business decisions concerning Blacks on Blondes nor any of their sister sites.

Let me reiterate: there’s a form within the members’ area at Blacks on Blondes for paying members to submit their feelings on the experience that is Blacks on Blondes.

In case you didn’t get that, lemme say it a big more clearly: every single one of these communiques came from people who have looked at the free part of Blacks on Blondes (called “the tour”), walked around their house naked with a hard-on, found their wallet, pulled out their credit card, and made a cognitive decision to submit the pertinent information to Blacks on Blondes, then pushed The Special Button; this resulted in a unique login / password they created during the sign-up process I just (sorta) described.

They are presented here exactly as received, and I thank the guys at Blacks on Blondes for letting me reprint them — verbatim — at I Shoot Porn.

Did I make myself clear?

sucmydick writes:

i thought them niggers was all in jail.i guiss some of them meatheads excapted.they should be in a nut house or come to south carolina and fuck a white girl in front of a few good old boys and they want have to worry about stds or aids because they will have 6 dicks in there ass before than can get a std or aids.i might have to report this to abuse because it looks like you might take my shit out on them white girls instead of me .and them perra would tell a cop a thing because there in to that old black magic shit.

liz writes:

Why do you make it only on blondes? Is it to satisfy your complexes of sleeping with beautiful sexy white women after long years of humiliation in white societies? Why don’t you show the beauty of your female gorrillas? Do you think any non-black would dare looking at, let alone sleeping with, them? Trying to spread rumours about your penises has never been supported, imopossible to prove and is non-logic if you accept you belong to humans. I guess it is a kind of seeking revenge from the arrogant white men by fantasising about sleeping with white women and it is the only way you think that gets you close to the superior white league. Mistakenly, I have been with several nigger men, and honestly I wouldn’t say the same. Why don’t you leave the white women clean, and depart to your most appropriate place. There are plenty of jungles in the world.

Brent writes:

I asked two days ago about where i could buy videos or dvds. and i still haven’t heard a word from you dumb ass black muther fuckers. It’s no wonder why you shouldn’t be hanged. You fuckin nigars aren’t worth a shit!

Fuck You writes:

It’s pieces of shit like you that are killing off the White race. It’s you god damn Jews making this porn shit! Fuck off. Heil Hitler!

Baby Girl writes:

I want to rebel against my parents any day. I just the right people to do it with thats all. You supply the black guys I’ll do the fucking. I’m 18 years old & don’t care what anybody says.

Suck My White Cock writes:

Idiots! this day in age it isn’t a real treat to screw or get blown by a white girl or any other hoe you can find that’s outside of your failing race, the race of morons. for the simple fact that they are just that HOES! you couldn’t nor any other loser who visits your site, remember I did not grace my presence amongst your stinch, you fuckers sent me a pop up, ever find a girl thats clean, remember that losers. can you understand all of that am i using words that are too big for you like my dick. What would really be interesting other than watching some loser jack off that has to pay for even a hoe’s service, is to see someone, maybe myself, cut the fungus that is the speck coming from the wall completly off. [Billy’s note: this is a fan of Gloryhole.] thank you and continue screwing and paying for your sexual encounters!

Enigmatic writes:

I got to give you niggaz props for what you do… Besides giving a fella something to beat his dick with you dog the shit out of them snowbunnies. Everytime I come home from a fucked up day of work and some cracker ass motherfuckers getting on my case I come check out Black on Blondes and see their sisters, wives, mothers and daughters getting their holes ripped the fuck open!!! Fuck them bitches, fuck them hard! Keep up the shit! aight!

The Nationalist writes:

Thank you for pictures, they will be forwarded to the relevant nationalist websites. In the meantime we are working to find a nice blonde girl to bait you into a trap. Salute

A second month into his membership The Nationalist writes:

Your information is now being circulated across American and European sites for your crimes. Maybe we can find a nice blonde girl to drag you into our trap. We hope you take the bait!!! Salute

Derek writes:

this site are destroin the white race and i don’t like the fucking nigres I’m a nazi and i go start the third war and all this black monkeys

Slick Rick writes:

You guys are so full of shit. The comments that you attached to these videos are bullshit. I know you make up most of it. White girls don’t say half of what you put down. I also know that you pay these young girls to have sex with you. Most young white girls with any self respect would not have sex with digusting, vile creatures such as yourselves without enticing them with cash. Just a friendly piece of advice assholes…….one of these days you will run into a “white daddy” who just might take a lead pipe and crack your monkey skulls with it. Watch your back if you continue to do this shit! By the way……big dick or not…..all you black dudes in these videos are fucking nasty and ugly as hell!! No wonder you have to pay for sex.

Rocco P. writes:

fuck this site niggers are going to die

And finally, PJ writes:

One thing bakes my balls “What is it so fucken cool about fucking a black guy,”is it big dicks or something else.I think it’s the dicks but white whores who like to be abused and gang banged and pimped around don’t think about getting infected with AIDS and god knows what other sickness still think it is ok to do it.As we all know AIDS came from Africa and who brought it here hmmm let me guess Black Man am i right.Black guy would fuck the snake if he knew how to get hold of the fucken thing,thanks to the faggots and crackhead whores and sick fucken white women and men who have this fetish of banging a black guys other white people got infected and so on.Thing that kills me is when i see a gorgeous white woman with the uglyest black man on face of the planet,i would snap her neck,and when i see that married white man is looking for a black guy to fuck his wife that is just sick it makes me puke, if my old ladie told me that i would brake her in half,that would be the last thing she ever wished for.I have two daughters and i told them if i ever see or hear they are dating black guys i would put them into the wheelchair,there is plenty of white man out there and there is no need for AIDS or some shit like that.If you ask me they should all hang and hang again.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Super Fun E-mails: Blacks on Blondes Fan Mail.”

  1. billy im almost positive most these people were not paying members of this site. I think they hacked into or used all the stolen passes posted for the site. I find it hard to believe these are paying members.

  2. I live in the south and it’s still hard to believe the people who write this stuff exist. I wonder, do they think black cats are all that different from white ones? What about black dogs?

    Do they think albinos are the definition of purity?

    The world will be a better place when ‘race’ goes fading away into the great gray beyond of bad ideas.

  3. This shows that racism, stupidity and illiteracy are alive and well in 2009.

    I would love to be the customer service person that answers back. My reply would be “Thank you for joining the site and with every new membership we donate money to the NAACP, United Negro College Fund and to the Obama Re-election Fund. Keep stroking it for the cause!

  4. Without wanting to go on a tagent (and without wanting to sound racist), the person who commented on the United Negro College Fund got me thinking. I think the organisation is actually discriminatory towards white people. Why should a disadvantaged white person not be eligible for money to go to college, but a black person is? An organisation should not help a person based on their skin tone alone. Racist, no ifs or buts.

  5. hey it is what it is billy, and that is quite tame compared to 1/2 the shit i see on bathroom stalls worldwide about niggas in general. you can just imagine the heat i’m catching from filming native american indian girls as a black guy… think i will post some emails of my own on the shimmy show, later

  6. hehe…..yeah, same here….sounds to me like these were guys that used hacked passes to get into the BoB site…..

    lol!…like the first one the best….spelling and everything 🙂 …..
    sounds like a good ol’ hillbilly straight from the deep south….inbreed Deliverance style…..”squeal like a pig boy!!” 🙂

  7. Even if they did used hacked passwords, why would they bother visiting and login into the website unless it turned them on?

  8. hmmmmm , lets do this in bullet points ok so that you all can get the msg

    .its porn ,its never been real ,it never will be
    .its all about filling the corporate fat cats pockets
    .ine guy has a point about the jew thing , they do shoot all the porn and have holdings in th eindustry
    .people are all different ,they lik edifferent things ……..get over it
    .white blck yellow or pink???? each has some that are big ,each has small ,each has average ……get over it
    .dnt take it so seriously ,if those guys have issues with the site then they should maybe consider to put things into perspective ….or enlarge their cocks ?????
    thats an argument considering all frm both sides …….clear?

  9. Please prey that a patient will die soon. He is a fat ugly, broke black man. He won’t stay in his place. Even at 45 the n-word thinks add more education and certificates will make his loser life better. We keep letting him know that even doctors and nurses want thug dick, brutal choke a bitch out niggas. A black man is not black if he doesn’t even try weed. That polite shot is why we have porn and women running hr departments at hospitals and hotels to make sure hood biggest are bullying the environment. Keep up the good work.

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