Super fun e-mails.

Jayma Reed at the hole

KT writes:

1) Why do you persist with this myth about the Glory Holes and “stranger’s cocks“? Do you really think that anyone believes the girls never see the men they suck off? Even people who watch it and like it?

2) Why are you so slow to fuck Jayma and tell us about it? It’s not like either one of you are prudish or something.

Hi KT!

I’m not sure why you think a gloryhole is a “myth”, but somehow I think you’re one of the dudes who, as you put it, “watch it and like it”. I don’t blame you, really. Gloryhole blowjobs are fuckin’ hot. And fuckin’ real.

I think I’ve told the story when, as a college senior, I was pulling an all-nighter at the library, readying myself for a rather tricky quantum physics final, when, out of the blue, a dookie started knocking at my door. And I know I remember I told you I don’t like to drop a duece in a public place. I’m very sure I said it suddenly turned into a doo-or-die situation. I know I’ve never told you to count on a pornographer for bad puns. And finally, for sure, I know I told you once I placed myself on that porcelin throne – after making sure all the piss and pubic hair were off the seat (and I picked the cleanest throne in the house) (and why is it people feel the need to act like animals in public restrooms?) I sat down and looked to my right, where, indeed, 2 large holes were drilled.

Do you think people make friends at public sex spots before they commit public sex acts?

Perhaps we should point this question to George Michael.

But yea dude, they’re real. Sorry to let you down.

As for me and Jayma…well, all things that are good and made to last take time, you know? I mean sure, I coulda hired her for a “POV” or some other such nonsense…but there’s a big difference between porno sex and private sex, just like there’s a big difference between sex and love. You know what I’m saying, bro?

Which isn’t to say I love Jayma Reed.

Speaking of Jayma Reed, would ya look at that cute expression on her face! I mean really, KT…does that look like a face that had a meet-and-greet session with the dick she ended up blowing?

Keep up with the e-mails, my friends…they make my lonely day – oh! so fun.

Jayma Reed at the hole

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