4 thoughts on “Oh, Those Whacky Frogs!”

  1. A popular theory in psychology holds that the attraction of white men to scrawny, underfed women like the first woman in this video, is illustrative of their fear women in general. Whereas an attraction to the natural, curvy figure like the other women in the video, represents a healthy and emotionally mature psyche.
    What do you say to that, Billy?

  2. funny…I noticed the same thing as SP…..she looks like she just got out of a concentration camp or something…..one can almost see through her skin…..definitely not attractive.

  3. Being a fan of film I found the continuous shot just plain creative for this video. And by the way, there might have been some grand metaphor for the models get more voluptuous as the video goes. The second chick would definitely get it first.

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