My Trip to Amoeba.

Edie Sedgwick porn

It’s such a beautiful day in Los Angeles I think I’ll sit in my little apartment and listen to all my new things and blog.

Eastside Records in Tempe, AZ, is my very favorite record store in the whole wide world. (If you’re ever in Tempe, stop by…then walk around the corner to Casey Moore’s and have a beer.) It’s certainly not the best record store in the whole wide world, but one of my oldest and best friends owns it, and his employees are all like Jack Black in High Fidelity, and they’ve acted that way long before Jack Black and High Fidelity, and that’s just one of the reasons it’s my very favorite record store.

I love Amoeba. I know I’m not the only one, and I know some people hate it, but damn. The more I go, the more I think I’m addicted to that place. It very well may be the best record store.

Just cause it seems I no longer have the capacity to blog about porn — and all the Porn Princesses I am fortunate enough to encounter — I’ll bore you with how I spent some of my smut money Friday night:

13 Most Beautiful…Songs from Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests by Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips: I’m full of love. I loved Luna. I love Dean and Britta. But I love Andy Warhol even more. Way more. And I love Edie Sedgwick most of all. I think if Edie were alive today, and she didn’t come from money, she woulda found her way to Porn Valley and been The Next Jenna. For real. Cause that’s how hot Edie Sedgwick is. Or was. Cause if you don’t know this already: Edie Sedgwick — She Dead. Do you know about Warhol’s Screen Tests? Or that Edie’s brother was called Minty? Anyways, this is a DVD of 13 superb screen tests with songs by Dean and Britta and this is the very first set of screen tests officially released by The Warhol Estate and if I were you I’d buy it immediately.

I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass by Yo La Tengo: OK, I admit it. I bought this record solely on its title. And cause I haven’t bought a Yo La Tengo record since 2003. Besides, “Mr. Tough” alone is worth the price of admission:

Hey Mr. Tough
Don’t you think we’ve suffered enough?
Why don’t you meet me on the dancefloor
When it’s Tiny Tom time?
And if you need to tell me something once
You won’t have to say it twice
And if you ask for a nickel
I’m gonna hand you a dime
And we’ll forget about our problems
Ignore them for a little while
And leave our worries in the corner
Leave them in a big big pile
Pretend everything can be alright

Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective: The following is a conversation between myself and Crazy Mat Who Moved From Michigan to Oregon. I use the term “crazy” in an affectionate way, so lay off. I’d also like to add Crazy Matt’s tastes in music are impeccable — with the exception of Battles. But hey…everyone makes mistakes. This means whenever I am in Amoeba, I usually text Mat for advice. Wanna hear the weird thing? Just as I strolled into Amoeba, Mat txt’d me:

Crazy Mat: I wonder if you know an ex skin flick girl from here: Claire Robbins? She’s quite the fox. She lives near me. She’s a stripper now.

Billy Watson: I dunno. I might have lucked out and banged her in a hot tub back at Dogfart’s secret mansion a few years ago, if it’s the same girl I’m thinking about. I am at Amoeba. Do I go with The Muslims or Animal Collective?

CM: Did you bang her on or off camera? The Muslims are now called The Soft Pack. Fun garage rock!

BW: I don’t bang girls on camera. Animal Collective or The Soft Pack?

CM: I’d get the Animal Collective for sure. You’ll love it. Like an electronic Graceland. It has a techno feel with Paul-Simon like songs.

BW: OK. Animal Collective it is. I just dropped $200. Fuck me. Now off to Roscoe’s.

CM: Let’s trade lives. Oh! To be Billy Watson eatin’ chicken and waffles and banging women for a living!

BW: Dude, it ain’t all that. I’m turning into a lonely old curmudgeon who sits at home at night smoking dope and listening to bands formerly known as The Muslims and now calling themselves The Soft Pack.

ULTRALOAD or Beware via chijimi or just chijimi by Bonnie Prince Billy: I love love love 10″ EP’s. And I have no idea what the fuck to call this. It’s not part of Beware, Prince Billy’s latest full-length record, and if you visit Drag City, they don’t even list the EP. What am I missing here? What the fuck is an Ultraload? Is that some new cyber-term this old man hasn’t heard of yet? Cause if it is, then I’m a dork. Would someone please enlighten me? At least they put a sticker on this that says “chijimi is not part of Beware” — so that helps me out a bit. But at the bottom of the sticker is says “This is Ultraload” so I’m just lost. Is this an age thing? Cause if so, man…does getting old suck. No Room For Old Men! Should I txt Crazy Mat?? Oh… Prince Billy is Will Oldham is Palace Brothers is Palace Music. So shove that in your bong and smoke it, hippy.

Astral Weeks Live at The Hollywood Bowl by Van Morrison: I’ve going to shows since June, 1978. That’s when I caught Van Halen on their first world tour. Never once has a record been released of a show I attended…until now.

for Emma, forever ago by Bon Iver: Just cause everyone seems to be going nutso lately for Bon Iver. I’ve been on the sidelines, until now. Once I finish up with the Yo La Tengo record, I’ll let ya know what I think.

One thought on “My Trip to Amoeba.”

  1. I randomly found this website and found it quite intriguing. Just like the same way I found EastSide Records. A friend and I were heading to Casey Moore’s when we stopped in to see what they had.

    Holy Shit, That is definitely a great shop. I think when it was all said and done we dropped $100 a piece, and had to force ourselves to leave before spending even more.

    Anyway, I just wanted to Appreciate that little spot with you. Definitely one of my favorites, and I still have the business card from over a year ago. Someday, I’ll head back.

    As for the Site, Love your opinions and insight into the industry. Learned a lot trolling through here tonight.

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