Super fun e-mails.

Jayma Reed

Face Blaster writes:

I Shoot Porn dead? Did you give up?

Dear Face Blaster,

I Shoot Porn is not dead…far from it. I just need breaks from time to time. It’s like my porno job; one minute I love it, and the next I hate it. It’s those breaks in the middle that keep me from jumping off the bridge.

In the meantime, check out Jayma Reed, the newest Spunkmouth girl. If you ask me, she’s got the look of a girl who would choose a career in porn last out of a list of things to do in her life. Know what I mean?

Let’s pretend there’s a list called “Things To Do In My Life”, and it’s in front of Jayma, and she’s asking us to help her fill it in. Now, she’s in college (about 1/2 way through), and looking for some extra bread to get her through school before she starts her life in accounting. So, on this list I’m thinking waitress/hostess, bar tender, hotel concierge, office staff, or maybe something like retail sales.

You know, the “normal” stuff.

Getting plowed by a black dick on camera wouldn’t make my list, you know?

I shot her last week on this kooky Egyptian set.

The scenario?

She’s at the museum, and she touches the artifacts, even after the museum guard tells her not to. Guess what happens to the bad girl? Here’s the (often funny) final twist: after she’s coated in the security guard’s jizz – the same security guard who’s promised her she won’t get in any trouble for fucking in the museum cause he’s the security guard and he’ll take care of everything if they do get caught – she asks, “how do we get me cleaned up and out of here?” but, of course, the security guard wouldn’t know, cause he’s not a security guard, but just this horny dude visiting the musuem.

Clever, huh?

Anyways, I’m going to try and knock out some writing today. Let’s see how it goes. And thanks for your concern, my face-blasting friend.

Your pal,


Jayma Reed

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