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Cherry's Handjob

Dane writes:

Hey man, big fan of your blog, I check it every couple days. The behind the scenes look at the porn industry is fascinating to me, more so than the actual films a lot of times. I jump right to the extras on most porn dvds.

Anyway, if you take suggestions there’s an amazing looking hotty named Miss Meadow whose myspace I found, and then scenes I bought, and she even replied to a few loser messages of mine. I think she could be great for your sites, and she seems up for anything other than anal, which shouldn’t be a huge problem for most of your sites.

As for the question, I’m a huge fan of porn star interviews and bios, ’cause I like to know a little something about the girls. Not personal information, I’m not a crazy sumbitch, but more to the point I like to know the girls are into sex in their private lives… that they might have a threesome or something on a Saturday night, as well as in front of the camera. It just makes the scenes hotter to me. When you post stuff like the recent Cherry Poppins blog, where you say she told you wild stories from her past, it wets my damn appetite! I can’t imagine a porn star would mind sharing, so let loose some info!

I know you’re selling a fantasy, but personally I like to know I’m watching a girl do something she might do off camera. I don’t think that’s too insane, and if it is, shit… it’s porn… I’m allowed to be a little freaky about it.


Hi Dane!

I know all about Miss Meadow, but at the time I saw her, she was repped by an agent I won’t do business with; then, like all of them, she disappeared.

I agree with you, too. When I was a porno consumer, I loved the BTS and interview scenes. More than the porno itself.

Funny you mention Cherry Poppens. I just got off the phone with her. For real. She’s in Florida, shooting for the Bang Brothers. She got in last night and hit the hotel bar, where she met a “cute” guy and another guy…appearently, just a normal Joe. And sure enough, she winds up in bed with both of them, naked.

Cherry’s gonna do an anal scene for the Bang Bros., and she brought a butt-plug with her to loosen up her butt a little. It makes the anal sex a bit easier. So she tells the Cute Guy that she’s a porn star, and what scene she’s gonna do, and then, in typical porno slut fashion, she pulls out the butt plug and asks if she can stick it up Cute Guy’s ass.

“Only if you do it first,” Cute Guy says.

Cherry looks over at Normal Joe, who really isn’t going for threesome – he’s happy just to watch – and she says “Gimme the lube!”

Cherry first.

Cute Guy second.

This is about the time Cherry turned Normal Joe into her “bitch”, which was just fine with Normal Joe.

“Where’s the ashtray?! Where’s my drink?! Gimme some more lube!!” – all while getting pounded by Cute Guy. They fucked until 6 in the morning. I’m not sure if Cute Guy still had the plug up his butt. I forgot to ask Cherry if he ever took it out. It wouldn’t surprise me if he left it in the whole time, to tell you the truth.

The irony here? Well, we’ve been shooting these insane scenes for the Spring Thomas site, which Cherry has PA’d for me, and they’re almost identical to what went down in her hotel room last night…except Cute Guy wasn’t black…and no butt plugs were involved.

You should check out Manojob, Dane, cause Cherry was one of our latest updates, and her scene ruled. Oh, And you’re no loser, brotha, just cause you wanna e-mail a porn star.

Your pal, Billy.

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