Super Fun e-Mails: the gorgeous Nikki Anne.

Nikki Ann porn hand job pics

The one & the only Fabulous Freebird, Michael Hayes, writes:

I am giving you some props for shooting those excellent gloryhole and blacks on blondes scenes with the beautiful Nikki Anne. I love the porn whores who look like the girl next door, and Nikki Anne fits that description to a tee. You got any more scenes anywhere with her coming up? That girl is fuckin beautiful, you should give her her very own Nikki Anne website. That body, that face, you could sell alot of subscriptions to that one. She blows these dumb whores like Barbie Cummings and Andi Anderson right out of the water. Whats the scoop on the gorgeous Nikki Anne?


Billy — Its kind of funny, I love porn, I absolutely love it. Without porn, I would have never been able to bone my first chick way back at the tender age of 18 years old. So I am pro-porn all the way. But when I see a beautiful girl like Nikki Anne, I feel like I want to save her from porn. I want to rescue her from porn, and bring her to Florida with me and we can get drunk together and smoke weed together, but in my twisted, convoluted mind, I feel since she looks so wholesome and pure, I feel that she is too good for porn, and I am like the fuckin Greatest American Hero, rescuing her from that world of smut. Does that make sense? I love porn, but I think Nikki Anne is too good for porn, yet I need to watch every porn movie she has ever done, because I am such a goddamn pervert. Barbie Cummings looks like she needs to be in porn, Andi Anderson looks like she needs to be in porn, Velcity Von looks like she needs to be in porn, but not Nikki Anne. Nikki Anne looks like she needs to be studying for her chemistry final. Nikki Anne looks like she needs to be heading up the latest Greek Council meeting at any college USA. And I FUCKING get off on the fact that she is in porn. Yet I want to save her from porn. Am I being non-sensical? These drunken Christmas night ramblings have been brought to you by your good friend, Freebird Michael Hayes.

You and I have similar tastes, my friend.

And good news — Nikki Anne really is the girl-next-door. Which is to say she doesn’t live in LA, doesn’t do the porno rounds from producer to producer…shit, I don’t even think she has an agent…but I could be wrong.

I think it’s a (silly) common Dude Thought to try and “save” strippers, and hookers, and porn whores. It’s certainly an interesting psychology, and one that deserves my attention. At least for a little bit.

Oh, guess what?

Nikki Anne’s in grad school!

Just like you thought — and said — how fucking hot is that?

She’s back east, studying something I won’t divulge here, cause she’s a private person. But from time to time she shows up on porno sets to make a little extra bread cause:

1) She’s a naughty girl.

2) She hates the 9 to 5 thing.

3) She’s a naughty girl.

Go ahead and click on that pic of Nikki greasing her hands up to give a most excellent Manojob.

Now, for the (potential) bad news: she’s BCS.

BCS = black cock slut.

She’s all about The Negro.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that in my book, but in your book, it might not be OK.

Might be far from it.

Let’s just hope she comes back to work on a porno set…but something tells me that might not happen for a very long time.

Nikki Ann porn gloryhole pics

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  1. Well,who gives a f–k if she’s in grad school she is obviously stupider than hell to do porno,especially w/these worthless hiv infected black scumtards….ur a f–king piece of clueless white trash! Your mother should have abrted you dumb twat.

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