Super Fun e-Mails: Things Happen, I Guess…

Amber Fully Loaded

Amber Fully Loaded writes:

Dear Billy:

It started after chatting with you about how my boss had asked me recently if I would mind wearing a skirt to the occasional meeting with clients. I asked why and he said that a “little sex appeal” never hurts when it came to helping land some contracts.

He is a super cool guy and we always get along great, so when he asked me I knew it was not something sleazy but just a way to help things along. I am not naive enough to think that a little flirtation can’t help seal a deal when needed. When I mentioned it to you I joked that next time he asked me to wear a skirt I should just ask if I should wear underwear or not! You thought that was a great idea so sure enough, the next time my boss asked me I replied, “should I just leave my panties at home?”

I think I caught him off guard but he smiled and said that was up to me, but he wasn’t sure if I wore them or not. I laughed and told him of course I did!

A few days went by and no more was said about it. He bought me lunch later in the week and in the elevator ride back to the office, he asked if today was one of the days I was wearing underwear. I said “of course I am!” He didn’t believe me so I undid the button on my pants and pulled them down a bit so he could see. That pretty much shut him up!

This continued for about a week, each time he would call me into his office for a “Panty Check” and each time I would pull down my pants or lift my skirt so he could see I was wearing them. One day he got a bit more aggressive and he undid my pants and pulled them down himself so he could “have a good look”. I do have a boyfriend but this mild teasing and flirting was fun, plus I didn’t really think it would lead anywhere.

Last Friday was our staff Christmas party. Everyone had a few drinks at the office, and then we went out to a steak house for dinner, then back to the office for a few more drinks, our Secret Santa gift exchange and home. One by one my boss was calling everyone into his office for a quick Christmas chat and to hand out a card and a small Christmas bonus. Woohoo! When he called me in I had already had a few glasses of wine and was feeling pretty happy lol.

He gave me my card and bonus (which was much needed) and he asked me if I decided to wear underwear to the party. Before I could say anything, he said “teasing time was over” and he dropped to his knees, stuck his hands up my skirt and pulled my panties down and past my shoes. Whether it was the wine and the mood of the party, or maybe it was some other yearning but I did not resist. He began lightly fingering me pussy then picked me up and placed me on the end of his desk. Then he scooped his hands under my bum and I lay back while he continued to keep licking away at my pussy. Any thoughts of my boyfriend were nowhere to be found as he just kept working away on me. His tongue was darting in and out and I had not been licked like that in ages. I don’t think I have ever been eaten with such passion before! When I finally came it felt amazing and I know I came a lot! He continued to keep licking me then suggested we get back to the party before anyone notices. I slipped my panties back on and he said I could “pay him back another time”.

That time happened Monday after work. I kinda hung behind so I could catch him by himself and it turned out he was stalling to catch me too. He said that he was glad about what happened at the party but if I felt freaked out about it because of my boyfriend, he would understand. I said it did catch me a bit by surprise but it was nice. He asked if my boyfriend ate me out a lot and I admitted he didn’t as much as I would like LOL. My boss said that was a crime and once again he was on his knees, pulling my pants and panties all the way off. This time he hoisted me onto his desk right away and started licking me with force. He looked up and said my boyfriend was a slacker and that my pussy should be enjoyed every day so the lips were always nice and pink and puffy. Again I came quite a bit but this time we were not done, I sat up and I could see from the bulge in his pants he was already really hard.

“It’s your turn,” he said as he undid his pants and his cock came springing into view. I was impressed with its size. Not THE biggest I had ever seen, but at least 7 inches and quite thick. I dropped to my knees and started licking it right away. I didn’t want him to think I was all about my pleasure only so I licked and sucked it with real force. I pulled out all the stops and could tell by his moaning it was doing the trick. I was bobbing on it quite quick, taking him to the balls and back to the tip. Within about 5 minutes he told me he was ready to come so I just kept at it and he starting shooting. I counted 10 blasts and I just kept swallowing as it came.

I could tell he was impressed and told me I sucked a great cock! It’s funny now as I write this that I never ever thought this would happen when I first mentioned it to you, Billy! I know I should probably feel guilty about cheating on my boyfriend but I don’t. My boss made me feel great and I was happy to return the favor. I know the whole “employee-boss” thing is a tad cliché, but things happen I guess.

Oh Amber!

How I would love to be your boss!

How I love the dirty pics you send me — with your face covered in jizz.

It’s the only smut that does anything for me now…real amateur stuff.

Better watch it now girl, cause you know the old saying: Don’t get your honey where you get your money.

And please, more filthy pics of you fully loaded. I promise not to show anyone!

Your pal — Billy

4 thoughts on “Super Fun e-Mails: Things Happen, I Guess…”

  1. billy, would love to send you some samples from my first amateur nude shoot. i was going for REAL looking fun and sexy shots, along the lines of Richard Kern and Terry Richardson. I am very pleased with a number of the pictures. I think you’d enjoy them.

    shoot me an email at heypizza AT gmail DOT com.

    i can’t find your email on the site…weird.

  2. Oh Billy Billy Billy… sighs…

    Are you really so naive as to believe you are speaking with an actual female? I can 99% guarantee you that it’s a dude on the other end of the computer, who is either a) making this up or b) he is actually in a relationship and is sending you photos of his partner without their knowing.

  3. wow amber congrats on being a skank..maybe your boyfriend will figure it out when u get the herps..then whats ur nasty ass gonna do? nobody wants u then.

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