Who Wants a Tee?

Brittney Stevens

My pal Alec at F-ing Tee Shirts just whipped up a small batch o’ Billy Watson I Shoot Porn t’s.

I have three, and only three: a medium, a large, and an XL.

The ravishing Miss Brittney Stevens is modeling the medium.

The first three people who ask for one shall receive one: just e-mail me or leave a comment.

Oh, and check out F-ing Tee Shirts. There’s new technology that doesn’t require silk screens to make super cool shirts. According to Alec, it’s kinda like running a shirt through your computer printer.

How ’bout them apples?

[New note from Billy: they’re all gone, folks.]

3 thoughts on “Who Wants a Tee?”

  1. There’s nowhere I can wear this where it would be appropriate 🙂

    I’m not applying for one, just telling you that it looks cool.

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