Watching My Mom Go Black.

Mom Goes Black

No, not my mom.

Not your mom, either.

But the producer called me one day last Spring, and he wanted to talk with me about his “new idea”. Sometimes, when he talks to me about “ideas”, I get a little worried. Not a lot…but a little. I’ve already said this: he’s an evil genius when it comes to creating smut, and I’m the one who winds up casting it, and then turning on the lights, pointing the cameras at the subjects, and burning all this into your memory.

First, it was Spring Thomas — braced-faced barely legal Princess turned black cock slut. The first of its kind in porn. She took Mandingo, Jack Napier, Shane Diesel, Rico Strong, Max Blacck…it just goes on and on.

Ruth Blackwell was next — she converted ordinary white girls to black cock sluts, so why not get impregnated by The Black Man so she could bear his child?

And Wife Writing? Oh, my!

So when The Producer said, “I got an idea”, I was all ears. “I want you to find moms that will do black dudes. But here’s the catch. If these moms are crazy enough to do porn, then they’ll have crazy kids. Hire moms with sons, and force them to watch their moms fuck white girls. Pay whatever it takes to make this happen!”

I asked, “Is this even legal?”

The Producer said, “Just don’t let the moms and sons touch each other!”

Just don’t let the moms and sons touch each other.

I love my job.

“One last thing. Make sure you book a black dude with the biggest cock imaginable. I want the biggest black dick in Los Angeles! I mean huge. Not just big. I want these moms to relive their child birthing experience when they’re fucking!”

It was easy to find my XXXXL black dongs; in fact, I’m willing to make the following statement: Shorty Mac has the world’s fattest penis. If you don’t believe me, just watch some of the movies.

It wasn’t easy to find moms and sons willing to take the job, but when they did, we got it on film.

Janet Mason forced her son to watch as she took Shorty’s monster cock balls deep.

Jordan Blue called it “tough love”.

Kendra Secrets was sick and tired of disciplining her fuck-up of a son…and this scene did the trick. By the end of this, he swore he’d never do wrong by her again.

And me?

Well…I gotta go. The Producer’s on the phone, and he’s got another idea…

Leah Luv Wife Writing

7 thoughts on “Watching My Mom Go Black.”

  1. Sites like these do nothing for me because I know it’s fake. The ‘sons’ are all probably extra staff who are hanging around like lighting or sound people. It would at least be somewhat believable (and hotter) if you had the daughters watching.

  2. If this weren’t another one of your lame attemps to fool the really needy pron-addict into thinking he’d found the kick he’d always been looking for, you’d be going to hell for this. Juts how many men have actually paid money to watch this?

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