One thought on “Please vote.”

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    Please don’t vote.

    And I’m not saying it in the facetious, sarcastic, stupid, way that these idiots are. I’m serious. Please don’t vote. It’s a waste of time, and it’s a waste of effort.

    Voting does nothing more than empower your enemy the state. No matter who you vote for, the machinery of government will not change. Your vote guarantees this. The unelected majority of the government will stay. Did your vote matter when it came to putting Ben Bernanke is office? Did it make David Petraeus do what you want?

    Rather than expending our time, energy, and money on electing more masters, let us throw them off. We, that is you and I, have all of the power in this relationship with government. It is only by our acquiescence that the officials exercise the power that they do. Your vote is your demonstration of your prone position. It is we who are the solution to our problems, not some commissar in Washington DC. We are the builders, the makers, the planners, the designers, the savers, the workers, the healers, the fighters, the students, the teachers, and the lovers. Not these people who are presented before us as “saviors du jour”.

    When you want society to change you don’t waste your life trying to change the government, you should constructively use your life to change the people. Begging the men who beat you for mercy, is a poor substitute to leaving them. No matter what it is you want to see in your improved world, equality between people of different genders, or gender preferences, the end of the drug war, the end of the gun war, the end of the terror war, you can more effectively go about it by changing the minds of the people around you. The government cannot withstand the sea change that the people can bring to bear.

    If you vote, you have no right to complain.

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