Super Fun e-mails (and more Riley Mason…cause really, who can get enough Riley?)

Riley's on JOMG

joel writes:

i just had to let you know your comments on indie rockers were too funny. I live in Seattle, in the heart of hipsterville. You’re totally right to poke fun at the whole scene.

However, the majority of guys that are hanging around online looking for an actresses’ AOL screen name probably never had much of a life to begin with – indie or not.

I found your blog while doing a search on Riley and I agree she’s hot as shit right now. But unless I’m in LA & run into her at a bar I’m okay with appreciating her thru your work. I get laid regularly, my best friend’s a stripper, I’m into punk rock & I’ll buy a girl a drink – some of us ARE well-adjusted.. and love beautiful sex-friendly girls like Riley..even if we do wear black framed glasses

thanks man, have a great day!


While I’m at it, why not include M’s recent correspondance, too:

the whole Riley Mason debate…would have left a comment directly on your blog, but couldn’t figure out to register. (What’s the deal there? Am I getting dumber or what?) Anyway, here it is:

Not really sure what kind of comments Riley Mason has been receiving from “Indie Rock Dudes” or whatever, but you’re probably spot on when you say that it’s because they like her. Riley Mason has a look that suggests that she would be well into the Indie/Punk scene or whatever. She kind of indulges some libidinous fantasy for these guys, and they get into her, but then suffer from some sort of schism when they get to thinking that she’s just a porno actress and it’s just a job for her, and that it’s onto the next shoot for her.

Either that, or they’ve got some issue with her supposed legitimacy, i.e. “Indie” credentials or whatever. But people who pull that sort of one upmanship are obviously just twats anyway, so no need to worry about that.

Besides, isn’t that whole Suicide Girls thing quasi-porn for quasi-indie rockers? Don’t really rate that one either, but shouldn’t these people be having a fit over that one instead?

Perhaps a Freudian analyst could figure out what these people are on about, but what would be the point?

Porn is what it is. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it. You either like it, or you don’t. (The same thing could be said about Indie Rock, or Jazz, or Romance Novels, or militant Veganism, or whatever.) But there’s no need to go about slagging one particular performer or person if that happens to be there thing. Just let it alone.

Anyway, if Riley Mason is happy and comfortable with what she’s doing, well, more power to her. She may be in the game for just a short while, or she might make a career out of it. Who knows? Everyone’s path is a bit different. My only advice to her would be to watch her step as it can sometimes be a dodgy business, and to stay away from all the nose candy. Enjoy the cash she’s making now, but also make sure she puts some of it aside for a rainy day. Be sensible, cause it doesn’t always last forever.

As for Dennis Moore (soon ever lupin in the land will be in his mighty hand?) Why not keep the toys in the pram next time?

– – – – –

Hope you’ll see fit to throw my two cents onto your blog.

M from Japan

To Joel, and M, and anyone else who cares:

In the fall of 1980 – October, to be exact – my pal Pat Crane lent me two records: London Calling and Singles Going Steady. Both records would change the way I listened to – and thought about – music. It was about that time I ventured into my first used record store. Who’d a thought of such a thing? Selling used records? I guess the reason I bring this up is cause I’ve been around this whole “Indie” thing long before it was ever called Indie. Let’s see…it was punk rock for a bit, then new wave, then college radio, then grunge, then alternative rock…whatever. One of my best friends owns a very sucessful used record store where I call home.

I guess the reason I’m telling you this is cause I know indie dudes, I understand where they’re coming from, and I really respect their whole scene. Always have, always will.

I think this was one of the reasons I was immediately attracted to Riley Mason, and the reason I booked her when she first popped up into the porno scene. To me she had indie rock written all over her, and that’s before I knew what she listened to.

As a matter of fact, I still don’t know what she listens to.

Enter Hipinion. It’s just another posting board, this time dedicated to indie rockers everywhere. The guys who frequent this place are the ones going ga-ga over poor Riley. And in addition to picking up on Riley, they’ve picked up on my blog…and trashed me around a bit, along with Riley, and had their indie rock fun. In fact, I had to make registration a much tougher deal after a proposed “takeover” from a few of the nuttier ones from that board.

To this day, I still don’t know what I said to piss them off. Oh yea, I called them a “nutty bunch”, but shit, that’s what they’re all about. They certainly aren’t “normal”, nor would ever consider themselves to be…in fact, calling them a “normal bunch” should be way more offensive than what I said.

I’ve blabbered on long enough about these cats, and Joel in Seattle and M in Japan are 100% right, both with their views and in calling me 100% right, so there.

Porn is what it is. M.’s very right…and Riley is what she is, and I’m what I am…and you like it, or you don’t. The ones who get me worried are the ones who obsess over the things they don’t agree with.

They are the ones who, in the end, turn out to be bad.

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