Poor Amy.

Amy Winehouse

It seems like just the other day.

I was alone in my Porno Loft, working at the editing bay on a Manojob scene, when I first heard “Rehab”, and I liked that song so much I quit working on the Alexia Sky hand job movie and started blogging.

Early March, 2007.

Sirius Radio, channel 26.


But, like all new stuff, the shine eventually starts to fade, and, while I still like Amy Winehouse, well…she’s a mess. Complete and utter.

But I still love that song.

And I just read she might be brain damaged from all the dope. Well, they’re saying she may be brain damaged “after a 36 hour marijuana marathon”. She also flopped around like a fish a few nights ago, “like a scene from ‘The Exorcist.'”

(Wouldn’t it have been a laffer if, right after she spewed some pea soup during her seizure, she launched into “Rehab” — but in the Devil’s voice instead of her own — and then laughed really hard and marched out of the Emergency Room?)

This is absurd, of course. I mean about her most recent drug overdose. I don’t know why they’re mentioning the weed when they say, in the very same paragraph, she also “binged” on crystal meth.

What a joke. Weed? I don’t care if you smoke all the weed in Humbolt County…if anything fucks your brains up, it’s meth.

Weed just makes you wanna eat Oreos with an ice cold glass of skim milk, right? Even if it is in “inhuman” amounts.

Anyways, a few days after I confessed my love for Amy Winehouse, Spaceland announced a show, and as soon as I heard that, I called Faceblaster, who has an in at Spaceland, and asked for two tickets.

Which I got.

Which Winehouse canceled soon thereafter.

I was crushed. Well, not really crushed, but bummed. Kinda.

How great would it have been to catch Winehouse is a 200 seat venue? When she was still on the edge of her cliff, and hadn’t fallen yet?

I kept those tickets, though. I coulda bought them to Space Land and got my 30 clams back, but the collector in me kept them….just in case.

Just in case someday they may be worth more than the 30 bucks I shelled out for them.

2 thoughts on “Poor Amy.”

  1. While it was Rehab that got me into her music, her other single You know I’m No Good is a better song.

  2. As much as I love that song (and I do)… I’m beyond caring, at this point, about the downward spiral that girl is in. At first, I was shocked and concerned and disturbed by the never-ending cycle she’s jumped onto. It’s sad, and I’ll probably feel bad when she finally pulls a Belushi, but… I don’t honestly care, anymore. The weekly news reports (seemingly every week) have keft me too jaded to even bother.
    It’s too bad, too. girl has some actual talent.

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