No Way Am I Gay.

billy dancing with muscleboy

I went to Sunset Junction this weekend.

It’s a street fair that happens on Sunset Boulevard near downtown LA.

I got drunk on $7 beers.

I got stoned on Cherry’s medicine.

I ran into my old make-up artist, who is now a make-up artist to the celebs, and makes $3000 a day, but a long time ago he survived his first two years in LA doing make-up for porn whores in my studio.

Then, I danced with a Muscle Boi.

I saw The Germs play (but no Darby Crash…duh); later, I got my picture taken with Pat Smear! We even exchanged some friendly banter!! He was very nice!!! It was the highlight of my day…much more satisfying than my time on the dance floor with Muscle Boi.

My day started with Cherry Poppens swinging by my new pad to walk there with me; it ended with my make-up artist G. and Adrianna Nicole and some yummy chicken tandori and nan.

After dinner, as I was walking home, my head aching from consumption, I stopped to watch Akron, Ohio’s very own The Black Keys (for a song or two) (and they fucking rocked), but too much over-priced beer and smoking dope with Cherry and dancing with Muscle Boi totally wore me out, so I continued the short walk back to my new, little bachelor pad — and my very own bed — where I crashed.


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