So I got interviewed…

Aubrey Adams and Billy Watson

Whacky, huh?

Stronker — from Adult DVD Talk — swung by my new pad and, in my tiny kitchen, we talked for 1/2 hour or so, in which I professed my love for Wilco; we spoke about Spring and Katie Thomas, Barbie Cummings, The Dick Suckers, Manojob; the weird way I got into this weird biz; and, in the little write up that appears on the site, Stronk said all sorts of nice things about me!

I’m a “popular and erudite blogger”, and a “prolific lensman”?!


The Professor of Desire!!

Aw shucks.

So, click on the pic of me and Aubrey Adams hamming it up on set and listen away!

(Actually, I’m hamming it up for Aubrey, cause there’s something about petite blondes that makes my heart go pitter-patter).

(And don’t ya just love the Birkenstocks? All the women in my life sure do…)

(Oh, and here’s where you can check out all the pod cast porno interviews, including one with my pal, The Minion!)

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