Super Fun E-mails: (on the cuckold phenomena).

Spring Thomas cuckold

Rufus writes:

You’re an interesting guy with an edgy & exciting profession. My background is in psych. I’m an observer of the interracial phenomena & I’ll be doing work in this area. I’d like to compliment you on your shooting style. You frame the female body well & pay extra attention to their best features. Some of your dialogue with the performers is good – i realize it can’t be too scripted & that some performers are too wasted or lacking. Some of what you encourage really winds down @ my avenue of study. Obviously the “Once you go black” has hit the mark in the jealousy factor with white males. The comments from the girls on the Black Man’s size presses the penis-envy button. The girls who can slyly smile & sell it to the camera are worth their weight in gold I’d imagine.

The cuckold phenomena when combined with the social psychology of the interracial dynamic has to be a winner. Obviously if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t shoot it. It must be difficult to find straight male actors to be the cuckolds – because of the stigma of their prevailing sexual roles as norm. My research shows that visibly feminine males as cuckolds aren’t a turnon to most white & black men & the higher percentage of women. When the cuckold is coerced, particularly by a more dominant female, a “wimpy” cuckold is more acceptable as realistic. If you can combine a fear factor* with the humiliation, you might push the envelope a bit further. Humiliating her boyfriend by laughing @ the Black Man’s jokes or siding with him in his wishes hits the mark (The Cum Eating Cuckolds series does this well, especially Lei Lani, Lorena Sanchez, Chelsie Rae & Samantha Sin) A suggestion for the cuckold’s impact – rather than him cumming on himself or the girl, have the girl make him jerk into the toilet (or a rubber). This will further distance the connection from the white male to the white female. If she pisses on his cum, sprays disinfectant on it etc, she will visually represent her disdain for the white seed while offering acceptance of Black potence.

One particular dialogue you shot had approached the fear factor with Barbie Cummings. The pro- Black Panther, kill off the white man theme is a step up from the “superior” baby concept, as good as that is. She was doing ICE (who many are regarding as the next Mandingo) – reinforcing the superior, mocking the inferior, championing the “natural selection” while opening up the greatest unspoken fear of your target market. If you could find the right avenue to exploit this category, it colud be the “bomb”. What was your feedback from members like on that one ? Too contraversial ?

The Spring / Katie sites are good for what they are – although you’d found a realistic cuckold boyfriend scenario with Spring – this could really be marketed to young females. I don’t know what % of your customers are female, but that approach could be tweaked to expand your viewing base. I could go on but that might be too much for a first contact. Reply if you’re able & keep up the great work …

Summary Of Billy’s Best Work

Best cumshot position – side by side – both the girls face & the ejaculation are featured …
Best internal position – reverse cowgirl – tight shot on Black Male’s testicles & vein (providing that they flex & pulse) (Brandi Lyons)
Best cuckold scene – Aiden Layne or Spring Thomas (museum)
Best conversion Trinity Post ???
Best wad – Ice Cold (Katie Thomas)
Best prayer – Haley Scott – this opens up a whole new front to play with …



My main most man — and biggest fan. Thanks for the praise, and can I just say one thing?

Um…maybe you’re taking this a little too seriously?

Your pal — Billy

Spring Thomas cuckold

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  1. Would love to get in touch – have a proposition for someone connected to the IR adult industry!

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