One thought on “Noam Chomsky on Pornography.”

  1. I’m only a fan of Chomsky’s (largely) correct analysis of American foreign policy. That kind of stuff is empirically obvious, or at least it should be. Other than that I consider him a hypocritical fraud, who’s done some good work in linguistics. His criticisms of pornography sound like a parallel of Andrea Dworkin’s. Wendy McElroy has probably the best reply to this line of thinking from a feminist point of view. If you like holding books in your hand, or lining your shelves to please guests… the Amazon link:

    If you like free stuff and reading on-line:

    And specifically on Dworkin (and perhaps by extension Chomsky), I think conservative gay commentator Andrew Sullivan said it best, “Many on the social right liked Andrea Dworkin. Like Dworkin, their essential impulse when they see human beings living freely is to try and control or stop them — for their own good. Like Dworkin, they are horrified by male sexuality, and see men as such as a problem to be tamed. Like Dworkin, they believe in the power of the state to censor and coerce sexual freedoms. Like Dworkin, they view the enormous new freedom that women and gay people have acquired since the 1960s as a terrible development for human culture.”

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