Super fun e-mails.

Big One

(Not-the-real) Ron Jeremy writes:

Hi Billy, I can see why you were smitten with nicole, she is a hottie her own unique way. Ok, the cuckhold stuff is all fine and well but how about showing whitey in a position of power in one of your shoots? Here is the scene:

1-big muscular white dude is playing tarzan and is walking in the jungle
2-he comes upon a chick hiking who is lost
3-he bangs the crap out of her
4-she then wants to cuddle or whatever after they are done, she is looking at him all lovey dovey
5-he wants none of that, he stands up and lets out a big tarzan call
6-byron long, wesley pipes and a load of others come swinging in on vines
7-we all know what goes down from here, just make sure they dont actually speak, they should strictly make primate noises

Dear Ron Jeremy:

This is the funnest, most best-est e-mail I think I have ever had the pleasure to read. Thank you for sending it. You made me laugh very, very hard. By the way, a guy I know used to own “Savages on Blondes“, but it was really just a front for the world famous – the very fuckin’ best – interracial sex site ever invented: Blacks On Blondes.

Your pal,


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