New Updates This Week.

Holly Wellin

Funny how — on Mondays — we make all sorts of resolutions. Whether it’s starting a diet, or starting to work out, or starting to balance your check book, or starting to update your blog on a regular basis…Monday’s are all about a fresh start.

Kinda like New Year’s, only they come weekly instead of annually.

So today I’m thinking I really wanna blog, and it’s Monday, and I should start a routine of sorts here, so perhaps Monday I’ll talk about updates for the sites I shoot. Monday there’s fresh content all over the place, and that’s as good a blog as any…right?

And why not do it every Monday? It’ll help my routine of regular updates here along, and that will make me a better blogger, and, ultimately, a better person. Right?

Well…I dunno about that. But here’s a little rundown on some Phresh Porn Updates featuring my work…and yea, I spelled “fresh” with a “ph”, cause that’s the way I roll, mothafucka.

BLACKS ON See Holly Wellin? She’s the girl with her back to you, and she’s in a scary, scary neighborhood…a neighborhood she isn’t familiar with, cause she’s not from the hard streets of LA. She’s not even American, but a foreigner on vacation, and she’s on her cell phone making drastic calls to anyone who can guide her out of the ghetto. That’s where Ice Cold comes in. He rescues her from the ghetto, and, back at his place, coaxes Holly into fucking him. Holly does so under one condition: “No cumming in my pussy!”, she tells Ice. Over and over. While they’re fucking. Until the end…when…guess what? He fills her sweet pussy with jizz.

THE DICK Aliana Love is Dick Sucker #116, and man, is she smokin’ hot. I shot her a few weeks ago for Gloryhole-Initiations, and I liked her so much I asked her back to become a duck sucker once more. Super hot, great attitude, and loves to do what she does!

MANOJOB: Recently, the world’s greatest handjob site posted that we were on the hunt for member submissions for the site. Why not have a member film himself while his girl jerked away? Well, this is our first submission, and it was a dandy! As a matter of fact, it got a little crazy, so I have to issue an apology: to all the handjob enthusiasts at Manojob — I’m sorry this week’s update contains oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex. I cannot control what the members submit, nor do I care to. If a big cock sliding into some sweet poontang — or The Brown Star — offends you, I sincerely apologize. Jordan Star is in The Hole this week, and it sure was fun bringing her there. The whole time, in the van, she was giddy. Giddy like…giddy like…shit — I can’t think of an appropriate metaphor for just how giddy Jordan Star was to suck and fuck a stranger through a hole in the wall.

Oh, wait!

Giddy like you are, right now, looking at her perfect sized-D all-natural fun bags, and imagining what in the world a girl-next-door type is doing in such a dirty, filthy place.

Jordan Star

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