Super Fun Text Messages: “Mention My Blog!”

Nicole Parks

Christian XXX texts:

U answer a long email about being male talent in the biz and don’t mention my daily blog about it at all? Lol. Wow



Christian is a bald cat who looks like a cross between a middle linebacker and a pro wrestler. He’s a cool cat, too — and a bit on the controversial side.

Imagine that…being a controversial person in a highly controversial business.

I won’t get into that now, but his blog is called Christian Sings The Blues, and there’s a pic from a scene I shot with Chrsitian and Nicole Parks something like four years ago for Spunkmouth.

Go ahead — click on the pic and watch Christian rail Nicole Parks!

I would definitely bookmark his blog, or subscribe to his RSS feed, or do whatever it is you do to make sure you check it, cause he’s one of the few that actually pays attention to his blog — and updates it regularly — unlike slovenly buttholes like me.

And if you’re a slovenly butthole reader, no worries. Christian posts a lot of cool pictures.

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