Super Fun IMs: “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbie!”

Gloryhole Barbie Cummings

[I’m starting to get IM’s from myYahoo! messenger, when I have it turned on. If you wanna IM me, be my guest. Getting IM’s is one of the highlights of my day; however, don’t take it personally if I don’t get a chance to IM back…but I’ll try. Promise.]

breveets75 IMs:

I am to lazy to read your blog most of the time so I listen to it. I copy the text into this voice editing program I have and it plays back your blog in a female voice. It is sort of like the Steven Hawkings thing or Mircosoft Sam voice. But the one I use is named Jennifer.

Any the last post I read was Super Fun E-Mails: “Meatpuppets and Mopes and Woodsmen and Cocksmiths” and I get what you are saying in the blog, basically pornstar are just like the rest of us poor smoes who aren’t fucking in front of a camera. I work a job where I am on call 24-7 you know what I rather be doing, fuckin. Does that make me a bad person? Nope.

I think about fucking 90% of my day. I spent about half an hour today at work trying to get the box set of Caligula that some one had drop between a wall and some piping.

Why cuz, I want to see fucking. They got some gay shit in that movie to but No Way Am I Gay. There is the one chick that give some fire head in that movie. I set the DVD player to the A-B repeat mode and watch it over

I don’t know if I could be a pornstar. I wonder it I have to drink alot of fluid to pulll off a Peter North Blast

Night of the Living Dead is the Shiznt. “There coming to get you Barbara”.

Another spoof comes to mind. “There coming to fuck you Barbie” She runs in the a building. The building is the GloryHole building. She tries to board up all the hole but…..They want brains, alright. Remember the old radio message on Night of the Living Dead. In the spoof it would be like “This just in the Dead and actually fucking the hell out of the living, I repeat the dead are fucking the hell out of the living. Stay in doors”.

One thought on “Super Fun IMs: “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbie!””

  1. Sequel to “They’re Coming to Fuck You Barbara”:

    Black Snakes On A Plane with Barbie Cummings

    A sci-fi horror interracial gloryhole facial handjob gangbang preggy mile-high-club teen action adult feature.

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