Presley Maddox got “Stevie Wondered”!

Presley Maddox

I think I just shot the best BJ I’ve ever shot in my life, and trust me when I say I’ve shot a lot of BJ scenes.

Presley Maddox is resurfacing into Porno Land after a year (give or take) off, and she’s looking better than ever. Sure, she’s the main reason the scene went so well, but I teamed her up with a Sybian, and that, my friends, really made things interesting.

It’s not like I invented Sybian (duh), and I’m sure I’m not the first dude to plop a girl down on a Sybian while she sucked a dick, but goddamnit Presley Maddox and Sybian teamed up to make a Mighty Combo…so much so I decided to blog it.

Gia Paloma even decided to blog it. Gia’s seen a lot of crazy shit in this business, and she’s partaken in even more crazy shit…so to get a reaction out of her on Presley’s BJ scene for TheDickSuckers is saying a lot.

Shit, I like this scene so much it got me back to blogging, even if it’s only for today.

No. I’ll blog more this week. Why wouldn’t I?

Anyways, Presley also showed up at Manojob, and here’s some free Presley Maddox handjob movies, just so you can say you got something for free just by visiting my blog.

Looking at those handjob movies, you may be wondering whose wonderful record collection is in the background of clip #1. Look at all of them! Stored meticulously in their protective sleeves!

They’re somewhat in alphabetical order, too, but that’s going to change soon when I get a little bit of time on my hands.

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you Sybian made Miss Maddox orgasm so many times it appeared, by the end of our little movie, that she had just finished running a marathon.

And the pop shot? My Lord!

She exclaimed, “I just got Stevie Wondered!” before walking off set, which was more like Presley hobbled off set…like she got off a horse after a day-long ride at a dude ranch.

Do I need to tell you The Money Shot blinded her?

Or that she’s just discovered a new idiom for taking a facial!

And you thought Porn Whores were dumb.

Presley Maddox

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