Super Fun E-Mails: “The Perfect Scene.”

Gia Gold

Steve writes:

Billy: If you can get her, I’ve just seen a chick who would be terrific for Blacks on Blondes: FAYE VALENTINE (aka Faye Reagan). She’s a gorgeous 19 year old redhead with an awesome body and an unbeatable attitude. I just watched her in a video suck her first black dick, fuck a whole bunch of other guys, and swallow 24 loads of jizz one after the other. She can be a superstar.

I think Faye would be perfect for Blacks on Blondes, but you can’t waste her talent. You need to set up something truly special for her. First off, forget about any one-on-one scenes. They’re boring. For this USDA Prime piece of white meat, you need to throw her to a crew of genuine ghetto niggaz straight outta Folsom. To set up the proper vibe, you’ll need a total of 4 to 6 brothas, among them Wesley Pipes.

To give you an idea of what I have in mind, go back and review Gia Gold’s Blacks on Blondes scene. While Gia isn’t exactly a classic beauty, she had a certain “fuck me,” girl-next-door kind of look going on, which was hot. The fact that she was set up to be a prick cushion for 4 ghetto thugz made things even hotter. After the usual preliminaries, the dudes started a double-vag merry-go-round on the chick. It reached its peak when, with her in cowgirl and with one black horse cock deep in her pussy and another down her throat, one of the brothas grabbed firm hold of Gia’s long hair and plunged his black snake into Gia’s cunt, which was already occupied by his homeboy’s. That was it. Both dudes then proceeded to mercilessly double fuck Gia’s cunt until it was stretched out wider than the opening to the Bat Cave. That chick was totally OWNED. She couldn’t even SCREAM if she wanted to. Whether she liked it or not, she was going along for whatever kind of ride those thugs were going to give her. Suffice it to say, she was condemned to pay reparations for 500 years of racism that day. It was an outstanding scene.

Now just imagine if you could recreate that kind of work with a chick as young, tender, and gorgeous as Faye Valentine. From Faye’s interviews, you can clearly tell that she thinks she’s the shit, and that she believes she’s in total control of every situation. Part of the fun of her being in the kind of interracial gangbang I describe will be in watching her realize (too late) that she’s WRONG. She WON’T be in control. She’ll be nothing more than a fuck toy and a sperm recepticle for a mob of angry black men. To make it work as planned, she’s GOT to be double-vag’ed — repeatedly. In porn, there’s nothing hotter than a chick getting her cunt double stuffed with cock, except of course for a WHITE chick getting her cunt double stuffed with BLACK cock. Double vag her in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. While in cowgirl, you should recreate that classic moment from Gia Gold’s scene.

For the finish, you’ve got to make the most of Faye at both ends. First, get one dude to cream pie her missionary. Then, as negro sperm bubbles up from her tender cunt, have the rest of the homies plant their spooge directly into her mouth as she holds it all for the camera. The perfect ending would have her then engage in LOTS of cum play, especially CUM GARGLING. She should then swallow, open her empty mouth for inspection, and say, “I love you daddy. Are you proud of me NOW?” That’s my blueprint for the perfect Blacks on Blondes scene. Please, Please, PLEASE make it happen!



Dear Steve — You’re a sick, twisted, perverted fuck who should be ashamed of himself.

What thoughts!

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth of yours, too?

Negroes? Creampies? Girls losing all control? And the daddy comment?

You need professional help, my friend.

Your pal — Billy

PS: I’ll see what I can do to make the scene happen. All very good ideas.

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