Me N’ Lindsay Kay

Lindsay Kay

Lindsay Kay stopped by my studio last month to jerk a ween and then suck one.

In other words, a normal work day.

What Lindsay didn’t know is that I, Billy Watson, am, in fact, Dr. William H. Watson, amateur gynecologist.

I’m a specialist in the Art of Touch. From the Mons Pubis to both the Labiums Majora and Minora, all the way to the clitoris and the entrance to that wonderful hole, I just feel around and make sure it’s all OK. Sometimes they ask if their anus feels all right; this particular time Lindsay didn’t need any sort of rectal exam.

I feel good about what I do. I don’t charge the girls, either. It’s all about Good Will and care for The Fellow Man.

Or Woman.

I do the same for breasts, as well, but that wouldn’t really qualify me as an amateur gynecologist as much as it would an amateur general practitioner.

Look at Lindsay’s expression upon learning her vagina was as healthy as a clam buried in mud!

After our general exam, Lindsay did an awesome job for the World’s Greatest Handjob site — Manojob — as well as the Soon-To-Be World’s Greatest BJ site, The Dick Suckers.

In her behind-the-scenes banter for Manojob, Lindsay says she’s originally from Scotland (which I didn’t know) and that she’d give William Wallace a handjob for all the great things he did for the Scottish people. (Note: She’d jerk off the historical William Wallace and not that silly anti-Semite Mel Gibson). She’d also give William Wallace a handy, but not Rowdy Roddy Piper, who’s also from her native land…but only cause she doesn’t know who Roddy Piper is. She also says she gave her first Manojob behind her school, got into porn cause she needed some fast cash (duh).

Since this blog entry is slowly turning into filler (did it start as such?) and since no one likes The B Side, I’m going to quit now, while I’m ahead, even though I’m not 100% sure I’m really still ahead.

Oh — take a look at Lindsay’s ass; that might be this blog entry’s sole salvation.

Lindsay Kay

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