Gloryholes and AIDS


B. writes:

Hey man, I’ve been a fan of your site for some time now. I’m fascinated by the workings of the porno world, and your blogs are a great way to see how things tick.

Anyways, I am writing to ask a question about the gloryhole series. I am pretty sure that HIV is transmitted via semen, so it seems that doing a shoot a gloryhole with random men is pretty risky. Are these actors or are they just random guys who happen to stick their dick in the right hole at the right time? Just curious.

Thanks for your response. I’m sure I’ll have a couple of other questions for you in no time.


Hey B!

Thanks a lot for all your kind words. In a nutshell, yes, the “Gholes” I shoot are real.

Very real.

They’re kinda scary sometimes. I’m worried more about us getting nabbed by the police than if a girl catches an STD. That’s kind of a dickish thing to say, huh? And I’ll be totally honest here: like most people, I’m a creature of habit. I tend to shoot my gloryholes at the same holes, and usually at the same time. Some of the dudes who visit these sorts of filthy places are creatures of habit, too…so sometimes I recognize the dick as it pops through the hole.

I have no idea why I just mentioned that. Oh yea I do…cause no one’s gotten anything yet.

Anyway, AIDS is a tough gig to catch. Really tough. You’re right, too…it’s transmitted through bodily fluids, and semen is just that; however, you’ve really got to be doing something you’re not supposed to be doing in order to catch it.

In other words, gloryholes are just fine! Besides, the likelihood of someone catching the virus through a blowjob are Slim and none…and Slim just left town. Read any science book, and it’ll say just that. Verbatim.

Now, am I advocating you to haul ass to the local Ye Adult Bookshoppe, pay your fiver to get into the arcade, and stick your dinky (or dong, cause hell, I don’t know you B.) through a hole in the wall?

Not on your life, my friend. I highly advise against sharing a needle with anyone, or letting anyone stick their dick up your pooper, either. Those are high, high risk activities, and besides, is any of that really any fun, anyway?

Gloryholes, on the other hand, are terrific fun. Don’t believe me? Here – take a look at some of these Gloryhole movies with Julia Bond in them. They’re some free gloryhole movies with Goldie Coxx, too.

Or take a look at the total heet I shot a while back – Estelle. She’s the girl pictured up top, grabbing the black man’s weiner as it’s coming through the hole. A total blonde heet, with a killer British accent. We shot this at a very filthy adult bookstore in Southern California. I wish I could tell you were it is, but then, all the fun would go away.

Estelle, like most Brits, is a very naughty, dirty girl. She came directly from the UK to make dirty movies, and I hired her immediately, and first things first! … we went to the Gloryhole and she loved every naughty minute. You should really check it out.

See how much fun all the girls are having on both sites? All smiles and giggles. It’s fun like a bat mitzvah! Or a Quinceanera! And no jizz gets anywhere near anything that could infect them with anything!

Hope this helps, and please, by all means, ask me anything…anytime at all!

Your pal, Billy

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  1. Thanks again to Dr. Socc for the usful pdf file…when you read past the first paragraph, you’ll see what I say is, indeed, confirmed! A hero, once again – Dr. Socc, that is.

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