Seth Is Superbad

Seth Is Superbad

So the other day I’m walking Maggie in this trendy LA neighborhood called Larchmount when a super hot chick walks up next to me, arm-in-arm with her dude.

She’s brunette, kinda punk-rocky Goth Girl, and from what I can eavesdrop she’s telling her dude about something sexy concerning lesbians, which is all right up my alley.

She’s petite, and she’s brunette, and she’s looking kinda like Juno from Juno meets Enid from Ghostworld.

Kinda one in the same. Kinda not.

Did I mention she’s brunette?

Or that I’m a sucker for brunettes…a real trick for them, especially if they’re less than five feet tall.

I bet her all-time favorite band is Joy Division.

I’d say she was closer to 5’4″, but that’s OK, cause she was a little punk rock and a little Gothy and totally brunette.

Here’s the best part of my story, and really the only redeeming part of this whole blog — she’s arm-in-arm with Seth from Superbad. It’s apparent from his wardrobe that he’s single-handedly trying to bring back the Porkpie hat, which only works in rare cases, one of them being if you’re Seth from Superbad.

He’s also sporting quite the beard, which, combined with his spiffy hat, is really cool, especially if you’re a Hasidic Jew strolling down Fairfax Avenue during Passover on your way to Canter’s for some yummy Matza Brei.

Fun fact #329: Pastrami killed more Jews than Hitler. That’s according to Mr. Doron Pepperscone, AKA The Minion, AKA the Greatest Male Performer in Porn that you’ve never seen (yet).

Anyways, we walked down the sidewalk together — me and Seth and his Punky Brunette Score — and my ears were burning for their conversation. But I couldn’t eavesdrop too much, cause Larchmont also happens to be Dog Heaven, and all the Yuppy Puppies piss on everything, and Maggie’s nose was in sensory overload, and she would stop every few feet to soak up with wonderful smells that are dog urine: piss soaked trees, dog urine on parking meters, and benches and telephone poles…all drenched in the wonderful yellow stuff.

I did catch them leaving. They walked up and jumped into his superbad black Cadillac car, and then Seth and Enid Juno zoomed off into the night.

And Maggie’s head high in the air — sniffing furiously — taking in all that Wonderfulness.

Enid from Ghostworld

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