A Few Things I Love in my Life, Lately.

Sasha Grey interracial sex movies
I love brunettes. I’ve always been a sucker for them. And I was looking through my Twitter timeline this morning over my everyday breakfast (iced coffee and a chocolate old-fashioned), when I stumbled upon a tweet linking to an old article about Sasha Grey. And not too long ago, I reconnected with an old Porno Princess, and in the midst of catching up on our lives, she said: I simply cannot, however, believe that Sasha Grey is so popular these days. I just don’t get her. Maybe because there isn’t much to ‘get’? To which I respond: Sasha Grey is the quintessential brunette, one of a handful who surfaces in pop culture every generation or so and make some sort of impact. Whether that impact lasts is another thing. Audrey Hepburn, Betty Page, Natalie Wood, Ali MacGraw, and Barbi Benton come immediately to my mind. I’d have to say Natalie Portman, Winonna Ryder, and Angelina Jolie are the ones from this generation we’ll probably end up remembering. Well, maybe not Winonna. As for Miss Grey? Well, porn stars are never famous — just infamous. Why don’t they all realize that? Will Sasha be the first to cross that line? Only time will tell. Since I’m rambling, I’ll wrap it up with this: blondes have it easy. Too easy. They’re a one-trick pony…or three tricks, if you’re counting the boob job. No, wait…make that four tricks, cause you gotta toss in the dumb part, too. Yep. I went there.

I’ve caught some movies recently: The Debt, Our Idiot Brother, and The Hedgehog. Out of the three, The Hedgehog was my favorite, although The Debt was great, but in a much different way. Drive was kinda cool, but its corny 80’s soundtrack and hit-and-miss storyline kept it from being great. Moneyball might be the greatest baseball movie ever made; and finally, Our Idiot Brother was just OK, and certainly not great…more of a wait-til-Netflix kinda movie.

Rdio is the best site to stream your music, if streaming music is your thing. I’d almost give away my real name here just in case you’re on Rdio so we can follow each other, and I can see what you’re listening to these days. My last few listens: Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Adele, Big Star, MF Doom, Iggy Pop, Muppets: The Green Album, Butch Walker and The Black Widows, and Jay-Z/Kanye West record. I can even drive around and stream music into my car. Why buy records anymore? (Not a serious question). My favorite new band: Oxford Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death.

Wilco’s new record, “The Whole Love“, is every bit as good as the great “A Ghost is Born”. Is is as good as “YHF”? Only time will tell. But you probably know I’m gay for Wilco, so whatever I say about them you’ll take as biased (and thus immediately dismissible) — and rightly so.

I get a handful of e-mails a month asking about what cameras I use to make the dirty movies I make. I’m a Canon guy, and I just got the XA10, and so far it’s pretty amazing. Lightweight, small, 1080p (when I’m shooting 24FPS) and the test shots look clean. The only thing I’m worried about is accidentally deleting shit as I’m getting used to shooting sans tape. I also picked up an S95, which is a little point-and-shoot still camera, but it’s pretty powerful: drops all the way down to f2, writes RAW files along with JPEGs, and is great in low light situations. Best part is when I walk around on vacation, I don’t look like a dopey tourist with a huge SLR wrapped around my neck.

How come I’m getting so many e-mails from Pakistan and India and other whacky (and predominately Muslim countries) from dudes with crazy names begging to get into porn? Shit, I wish I kept a few of them now, but they’re instantly deleted, and they’re always funny, and I guess I shouldn’t have even mentioned it now that I can’t even show you one.

My junior year in high school I almost failed Algebra 3/4. As a freshman, I did fine with Algebra 1/2, and my sophomore year I whizzed through Geometry. So junior year algebra shoulda been easy, but it wasn’t. I almost failed, and, during the second-half of that year, I opted out of algebra and took a computer class instead. I would still get the math credit while completely avoiding math! And the best part was the computer lab just landed two of the newest, coolest computers ever: Apple III’s! In addition to the big, old floppy discs, they had 64K internal hard drives…and came with a montor!! This meant I could avoid the dumb keyboard computers that had suction cup doo-dads that you’d stick a phone into, and then read the print outs of the BASIC code we were working on. But when it came time to buy my own computer a decade later, I went with a PC (a 386 DX 40 with 4 megs of RAM, a 250 meg hard drive, and the newest, fastest modem — a 14.4!), and I was a PC dude until a few years ago. Let’s face it — up til the introduction of the iPod, Apple products sucked. After the iPod, it’s just been one home run after another, and now I love everything Apple. So, as I was struggling with jet lag at 3am, I decided to check my twitter to see what was up back home. Which is how I found out Steve Jobs finally passed after his 7 year battle with pancreatic cancer. So here I am, in Paris, and it’s 5am, and I’ve got absolutely no sleep, and I’m watching American news channels to see what they have to say about him. You already know all this, and since I can’t add to what you’ve already heard about the man, I’ll leave it at that. Except to say I’m oddly depressed about it.

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  1. I’ve never owned an Apple product in my life. Not that I have anything against them, they just don’t do anything for me, plus they’re overpriced and overrated, but that’s another story. So, Steve Jobs hasn’t really affected me in any way. Still sad news.

  2. I knew the iPod would be the “gateway” drug that would cause alot of PC users to become gay for Apple and the iphone totally finalized “coming out f the closet”.

    With that said…The world needs people like Steve Jobs and he will be missed. R.I.P. Steve.

  3. Paris! Dude! The chinois food is better there than in most citiies. Is this a working trip? I also agree with you on Sasha Grey. I do wonder if she will crossover or fade into something else and become memmorable but irrelevant. Not that I am memmorable or even relevant. Keep shooting BW!

  4. While there is a questionable need for more Steve Jobs fill-ins, there is an unquestionable need for more ladies like Sasha Grey (she even spells her last name correctly!). Also Stoya. I find that brunettes are more attractive than blondes.

    As for Rdio and various other social radio outlets, I’m reticent to utilize them as I don’t always want to publicize that I’m listening to trashy pop or rap music when the online persona I attempt to cultivate should only be known to listen to thoughtful, independent music.
    Well, thoughtful, independent music — and Viking metal. Because come ON.

  5. You really think Sasha Grey is an iconic brunette? I don’t think so, and I too have a thing for brunettes. I don’t really understand why she blew up either, I didn’t think her scenes were all that special, and her personality sure as shit didn’t do it for her. I’ve seen granite statues that had more personality than her. That whole existentialist, phony intellectual, I want to change the face of porn act was really annoying as well, so fucking contrived. She turned her back on the porn industry real quick once she got a little bit of popularity, huh? There’s a czech girl, Rihanna Samuel, that I think is one of the most gorgeous brunettes…….in porn at least. Ten times hotter than Sasha, IMO. There’s also this French girl(you should shoot her while you’re there) Eloa Lombard, another smoking hot brunette with a perfect body. Check em out

    Rihanna Samuel: http://www.europornstar.com/Rihanna-Samuel/Rihanna.html

    Eloa Lombard: http://www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/eloalomb.html

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen lately. I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate the boss. I never liked him when I was younger. I thought he was corny, probably from hearing Born in the USA co-opted by every pseudo-patriotic event or seeing him parodied on SNL when I was a kid. But when I actually listened to one of his albums I realized that he’s an amazing songwriter and that there was tons of great songs I had never heard by the E-street band. Lost in the flood and backstreets are two great songs that come to mind. Isn’t it amazing how terrestrial radio hides all the good music from you?

    Did you go to France by yourself or did you bring the minion with you? I get the feeling from reading your blog that you’re a lonely guy.

  6. Oh, by the way, did you here the federal government is cracking down on marijuana dispensaries in California? I’ll tell you what, i’m liking Obama less and less everyday, he’s got no fucking balls whatsoever. First he hung the unions out to dry, and now this!? I thought I voted for an FDR style progressive. What happened to the hope and change?


  7. @TheBully: Only time will tell if Ms. Grey winds up being iconic, and a lot of that will depend on the work she takes until her career is over. I’ve always felt the same about her…my take being she’s the kind of person that would read the “… for Dummies” book on whatever intellectual topic she’s talking about: Existentialism for Dummies, Jean Luc-Goddard for Dummies, etc etc. Now, I can’t be sure about that, but my gut feeling is if she had to write an 1000 word essay on anything she touches on in interviews, she might have difficulties doing it.

    I’m travelling with family, and while I am alone a lot, I seldom feel lonely.

    And finally, the dispensaries have it coming to them, and I hate hate hate to say that. They’re a joke — at least the ones I’ve been to. People are abusing marijuana as medicine, and the doctors who prescribe it are almost as much at fault as the dispensaries with allowing that to happen. I’ll just leave it at that.

  8. Just about any and all Czech porn girls are superior over U.S. porn whores.
    Mmmmmm…Czech porn girls. lol

  9. Answers to billy’s questions:

    1. Sasha grey likes to fuck. Probably should be a pre-requisite when casting some of these “princesses”. I think lain oi is hotter in a nerdy way, but that’s me.

    2.) Movies suck right now because no one can figure out how to get paid off of distribution. Your angst in porn is Hollywood angst as well. So, they just stopped making them. We deal until we pay.

    3.) you get emails from Pakistan because they want to fuck, but are told they can’t u til they marry someone. They can’t marry someone until they can make a dowry for the wife’s family. That means you might not fuck for quite some time but those mocha skinned beauties are right in front of your face. Long story short; those guys are fucking horny and will do anything to fuck.

    4.) Steve jobs was a man of principle, but a man of the people. He knew people wanted tech to be easy, but also knew that they wanted tech for free porn. He just eliminated his name from one of the two equations and is lauded. Steve jobs said to live everyday in fear of dying and you will accomplish great things. Perhaps you can apply that to creating artistic porn (like you have been doing with the screen tests).

    Ps. Drop the minion. He’s fucking gross, and as a porn star he does Jews an injustice with his tiny cock. He should be nothing more than a “cuck

  10. Gimee a break, you’re not really condoning this shit with the dispensaries are you? No need to apologize for Obama, he said on numerous occasions that he would not be using federal resources to fight medical marijuana. It’s not just the ones that are operating next to schools either, it’s an all out assault. Just look at some of the measures they’re taking:

    In Colorado, which also allowed medical marijuana, the Treasury Department is requiring that banks close accounts of legal medical marijuana businesses.

    The IRS says dispensaries may not deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent. “The result will be closure of the most well regulated dispensaries and loss of millions of dollars in tax revenue for local governments,” the group stated.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last month ruled that medical marijuana patients sanctioned by states cannot legally possess firearms.

    This is just an attempt by Obama to win over right leaning independents in the upcoming election because he knows his poll numbers are slipping. Forget the medical aspect of it, marijuana should be legalized period, and you and I both know that it’s only a matter of time before it is. The war on drugs is a failure, we’re supposed to be moving forward in this country with a progressive administration, not backwards.

    No mention of Springsteen, you don’t like the Boss?

  11. What I liked about Jobs was that he would not be denied his vision. When he gets kicked out of Apple for that photo-op piece of corporate crap John Scully, he went to NEXT computer. WTF? Is that a career move any sane person would have done???

    But Jobs takes that computer’s operating system, BEos, back to Apple and uses it as a framework for Mac OS and the spawn is on.

    My personal thank you goes to Jobs for buying Emagic (Logic) and creating the GarageBand software. I had been wasting money for recording equipment for over 20 years. GB made that pain go away.

  12. @TheBully — I’m 100% with you, and the fact it isn’t legal is only cause Pfizer and Merck can’t monopolize on it. Still, the docs and dispensaries aren’t helping themselves. I’ll still listen to Nebraska and Darkness on the Edge of Town, and the live shot from the Hammersmith Odeon. That live disc is a real treasure, as it’s so early in his career the crowd — for the most part — has no idea what songs he’s even singing, whether it be Born to Run or Thunder Road.

  13. Why don’t you Americans concentrate your efforts on something important like introducing free health care. Wasn’t that what Obama was meant to be doing? Who the hell cares about cannibis in the grand scheme of things? Of all the things one could devote their time to… sheesh.

  14. @Mark G — “you Americans”. LOL. If you think that I’m dedicating time to legalizing cannabis, Mark, you are mistaken. And until Americans vote the whore politicians out of office who suck Corporate Health Care’s cock for cash — as well as start taking care of themselves — with or without Obama it ain’t never gonna happen. The minute major health care programs went from being non-profit to profitable enterprises, it was game over.

  15. I live in Denver where on Broadway St you can find 7 dispensaries within a quarter mile! Its obvious as hell that “sick people” are not the main customer of marijuana shops, cannibus addicted people are. If California’s state government doesn’t step up and tell the feds to back off then its another nail in the coffin of the great American experiment. It looks more and more like we need another revolution (possibly violent) to get politicians to listen to the people and not their ideologies and wallets, because voting doesn’t seem to be changing anything – Money talks.

  16. > Pakistan and India and other whacky (and predominately > Muslim countries)

    Weird. I despair for American Education.

    India is not a Muslim country. It is the polar opposite of a Muslim country, it is a Indo-European country, in fact the the very *definition* of Indo-European people, culture and languages (“Indo” specifically means India, like “Sino” means China).

    The religion is Vedic Aryan (Hindu), by definition from the Vedas and shubhitka/swastika/om etc., are all Hindu holy symbols and syllables.

    As a pornographer, it is doubly ironic, in that the Hindu Kama Sutra and sexual activity are a religious duty and enshrined in temples and scripture, the very first porn sculpture and paintings come from India and to this day, India has a huge native porn industry.

    Like I said, weird and sad that you would talk about Muslim countries like Pakistan (which are Abrahamic and closer to Christianity) and Indo-European countries like India in the same breath.

  17. I will never get people who don’t get Sasha Grey. It’s pretty easy to figure out. Let’s see: SHE’S BEAUTIFUL AND A HOT FUCK. That about covers it.

  18. Too bad on the hopey, changy thangy. As far as progressionism, what is the end point? I would think it would be like Star Trek, need no money you can have anything you desire, no terrorism & everything in the world is just peachy so we now explore other worlds to “fix” them unless of course it conflicts with the prime directive. Question: How do you bring 3rd world countries to our level without tearing your own country to a 2nd world country?

  19. Crazy you mentioned Winona. We snuck in to the 1130 showing of Ides of March last weekend so I guess you could say she still steals. 🙂

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