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D writes:

Mr. Watson,
In your latest posting you touched straight vs gay porn and the men in both. For many years I’ve been a member of a twelve step group, AA, and although my problem was strictly a case of to many empties lying around after an evening of social drinking, the doors of the group were open to anyone regardless of other issues. It was also strongly Christian, so we are talking some conflicted souls. It was in North Hollywood, so it drew from the same demographic group as your performers.

A surprising number of members were street hustlers, and I got to know a man and woman — she pregnant and he, a street prostitute. They were desperate, so he was on the stroll. He was adamant he was straight and wanted to get out of that life.

I was skeptical, to me knocking over liquor stores was a more reasonable choice but then I was not him. I knew that in some quarters getting your dick sucked in prison did not make you gay, and I couldn’t be absolutely sure that in some drunken frolic I hadn’t been blown by some transvestite, so maybe being the pitcher depended more on what was going on in the mind rather than what was going down.

I asked him about it and he told me he was able to disassociate himself from what was happening to him; he described it like being a robot. He could apparently do this at will which struck me as being the perfect skill needed to be a professional killer so I moved away.

Masturbating in public is gayish behavior in my opinion and I assume the consumer is gay. I don’t get it anymore than I get pantyhose freaks, foot freaks or Germans that eat poop. I wonder if all this isn’t based on some kind of transcendent disassociative disorder on the part of the performers, certainly if you’re risking knowingly AIDS this has to be a skill of the trade.

At any rate on to sunnier topics. I enjoyed your recent posts, its nice to know that Bree has a good relationship going with her sugar daddy, I reckon it will persist about as long a the mayflies once the money goes. I’ve never much wanted to ejaculate on a womans face, I usually go for something deeper down the hatch, ah lets face it I’m making her swallow it, but I see your point.

As a favor would you ask your girls why they get those elaborate scroll work tattoos on their back just above their ass? You can’t see them in the mirror so I don’t see the pay off for the tattooee.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Mister D –

Yes, the act of disassociation is very, very powerful, and to tell you the truth, I’ve been on sets, shooting, and noticed the female talent disassociating herself from what was taking place on camera. And I gotta tell ya, brotha, I’m fortunate as it’s only happened to me once or twice – and with the same girl (whose name won’t be mentioned here)…cause it really bummed me out.

Anyone who enters into Man-on-Man Luvin’ is, at the very least, bisexual. I don’t care what kind of disassociation skills Bi Boi has worked out for himself – or how much time he’s doing in the clink. I had one male performer who’s Gay-for-Pay tell he he’s “80% straight” – and it’s still a total mystery to me how he pulled that number out of his hat, and what it means exactly: I’m assuming that out of the last 10 people he’s banged, 8 were girls.

Another mystery to me is that tat-on-the-lower-back phenom that’s seems to ever so popular among girls today — the “Tramp Stamp”. One of my favorite parts of “The Wedding Crashers” is when it was referred to as a “target”, which, to me, is as good as any explanation I can come up with; that, or it’s a safe place to have something “naughty” hidden…it’s a place that covers easily when need be.

Any time a dude masturbates for others to see, there’s some sort of sexual deviance taking place. Wait, I take that back. I’m going to state, right here and now, that gay sex isn’t deviant sexual behavior, even though it’s defined as being so. And sure, the straight boys I film beating their meat is intended for the gay market…cause, simply put, you can’t rely on female consumers in my business; as a whole, and for practicality’s sake, girls buying porn simply doesn’t exist.

The other masturbation forum that is definitely deviant behavior is beating off in public as a means of shocking / disturbing / flashing an unknowing victim…and, of course, this is always a dude being super creepy in public. My whole point here, of course, is that sort of behavior isn’t “gay” — it’s just criminal.

If the T-Girl who blew you never told you She was a He, then that’s criminal, too…and you’re not gay. If you knew a T-Girl was blowing you, then you’re at least 20% gay.

And finally, I’d like to make a statement on this whole HIV/AIDS-In-Porn thing that so many people seem interested in: while never downplaying or minimalizing the risks associated to sex-without-a-condom, and certainly not trying to pass myself off as a health care professional, I believe it’s super very tough to transmit HIV through oral and vaginal sex. I won’t shoot an anal creampie, however…which is to say even I have limits to the debauchery I record to digital video tape.

Thanks for your kind words, D.

Your pal, Billy

Staight Boi

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