“Having sex on camera is a big thrill to me” — behind the scenes at ManoJob with Adriana Chechik

We shot Adriana Chechik for ManoJob in April of 2013 — her 69th scene, in case you’re keeping count (Adriana was). Here’s a gallery of 15 free handjob pics from the scene. And, of course, Adriana’s BTS interview here, and, at minute 9, some post-pop conversation. Enjoy.

Some Things to Know About Reviving the Recently Dead

Melissa MayOf course the key term here that needs to be defined is “recently”. If we were referring to an actual person, there’s been reports of people being “dead” longer than an hour…and then being revived by paramedics. As far as blogs go, this one took its last real breath of life on 12 Feb 2014, when I told the story of how I learned to beat my meat. That’s closing in on two years ago, and I’ve had some things happen to me since then.

According to Greg Miller, if a good samaritan stumbled upon your lifeless body in the 18th century, you might have been set upon a trotting horse, or submerged in some freezing water, or even had some smoke blown right up your ass.

Perhaps this is where that idiom came from? “I ain’t blowing smoke up your ass, but I miss your blog, Billy.” This is something I’ve heard from time to time, but it’s really only part the reason I’ve decided to attempt to revive I Shoot Porn. The truth is, I need the traffic; because, after all, I’m really nothing more than a smut peddler. And the hope is the people who wind up here to read about my life in Porn Valley might actually follow the links out to one of my sites: Legit Clips or ManoJob or Mister POV or The Dick Suckers.

But like I said, that’s part of the reason. People, by nature, love attention, so when someone says something nice about this blog or when someone leaves a comment that they hate the blog and want to slit my throat or they like the way I write or someone calls me a cuckold faggot…well, that’s why I do this, too. Attention is a powerful drug, and it’s the root of everything we do, whether it’s starring in a porn flick or shooting up a school or starting a punk rock band.

I’m just wondering how long I’m going to be able to keep it up. Maybe Big Pharma can make a little blue pill to help me with this, too.